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International Velvet
"Arizona Pie" was the horse in this movie / story - It is
said to be a foal of " Pie's " from the original novel.
"Cornishman V", the 1972 British olympic champion horse also appeared in International Velvet and another movie called Dead Cert

The MGM/ United Artists 1978 movie
called "International Velvet" continued the saga based on the original story author Enid Bagnold. Tatum O'Neal starred as "Sarah", the niece of Velvet Brown who seeks to become an Olympic Equestian rider.
(actor / screenplay script-writer novelist / director)
Bryan Forbes
His novel has more information about the making of the movie and the horse of course.
Forbes was born in London, England, UK and studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, making his debut in 1942. He acted on stage and in films in Britain and the USA (1948--60), then formed Beaver Films with Sir Richard Attenborough in 1959. He wrote and produced many films,

Elizabeth Taylor was "Velvet Brown" in the original starring role of the 1949 movie version made from the well known book by national by Enid Bagnold published in the 1920's.
The horse Elizabeth rode was King Charles as known as "The Pie".

Lori Martin was "Velvet" in the TV series. The program aired on NBC, the real name of the horse was Blaze King
The show called him "King".
It was a produced by
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc.

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international velvet movie scene

international velvet movie scene
Tatum and AZ pie
international velvet movie scene Tatum and AZ pie
Kenner International Velvet horse Arizona Pie
Kenner toy company made in 1978 the "Arizona Pie" Horse
also the International Velvet Doll.
Internation Velvet 1978 movie theme record
The original movie sound track record by Francis Lai.

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