2019 GINLC Educational & Volunteer Events

Healthy Lawn & Gardens Presentation (2016)

Rain Gardens by the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

Friends of the Detroit River Habitat Restoration Presentation

Healthy Lawn Care Presentation (2015)

WARNING: Avoid Coal Tar Sealants

Birding - The Great Migration in Kenya by Jerry Jourdan For additional photos click here.

Naturalizing the Home Garden by Cindy Ross

Watch Out for Wildlife - Posted for educational purposes; this link does not imply endorsement of any product.

Michigan Amphibians and Mud Puppy Surveys

Honeybee Friendly Plants

Beekeeping on Grosse Ile

Deer Resistant Plants for Grosse Ile

The Grosse Ile Nature Area and Gibraltar Bay information

Phragmites Control

Ash Tree Losses and Replacement

Landscapes for Learning...

Rain Gardens

Lawn care tips for reducing pesticide use...

Outreach Activities

  • YWCA Discovery Camp
  • Delray Visit

Scout Projects

What you need to know about the West Nile Virus...