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Property Name Location - Major Cross Roads Size in Acreage Unique Features
BASF/Wackman) Lot #1 Meridian & Paulina 0.750 Borders Hennepin Marsh
BASF/Wackman) Lot #2 Meridian & Paulina 0.750 Borders Hennepin Marsh
Blosen Easement Parke Lane & Horsemill 0.850 Nice White Ash Tree Specimens
Cleaver Blauvelt & Lafayette 0.240 Upland Lot Bordering Marsh
Daly (Two Lots) Coleman & Brook Circle 0.480 Wooded Wetland Habitat
D'Avanzo (Four Lots) Halley Crescent & Hickory Circle 0.620 Mixed Habitat Lots Bordering Waterway
Darany Property Rucker and East River Road 0.420 Wooded Wetland Habitat Adjoining Open Space
Davidson Easement Huron River Drive - Flat Rock 11.250 Mixed Habitat Bordering Huron River
Finazzo (Four Lots) Meridian & Groh 1.400 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
Grays Drive Easement Grays Drive & Cadillac Circle 2.938 Wooded Wetland Habitat
GI Woods Properties Horsemill & Thorofare ~9.0* Beautiful Oak and Cottonwood Specimens
Begun (Three Lots) Same as above 0.563 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
Tilk (Five Lots) Same as above 0.938 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
Cunningham (Two Lots) Same as above 0.375 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
King (Twelve Lots) Same as above 2.625 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
Hurst (Six Lots) Same as above 1.125 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
York (Twelve Lots) Same as above  2.250 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
MLBFTA (Seven Lots) Same as above 1.160 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
Kobiljak Thorofare & Byromar Lane 0.730 Borders Inland Waterway
Hennepin Marsh - North Bridge & West River Road 120.940 Shallow Wetland Bordering Detroit River
Morse (Two Lots) Gregory & Marlborough 0.390 Adjoins Thorofare Canal
Crysler Easement #1 Parke Lane & Horsemill 0.520 Mature Tree Specimens
Crysler Easement #2 Parke Lane & Horsemill 0.520 Mature Tree Specimens
Ryder Lakewood & Balmoral 0.240 Nice Oak Tree Specimens
Taylor Lots (Two Lots) Haley Crescent & Hickory Circle 0.530 Adjoins wetlands, Sedge Marsh - Adjacent to D'Avanzo Property
Wright Woods Property (2/9) Manchester & Halcyon Ct. 6.690 Excellent Wildlife Habitat
Wittbold Gregory & Marlborough 0.460 Adjoins Thorofare Canal
MLBFTA Gregory & Marlborough 0.300 Adjoins Thorofare Canal
Gibraltar Bay Unit of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge (Stewardship Agreement with USFWS) East River & Groh 42.000 Mixed Habitats Bordering Water
Intrepid Pond (Stewardship Agreement with Grosse Ile Twp.) Southeast of Meridian & Intrepid   Outstanding Wildlife Habitat Bordering Detroit River
East Bus Garage Area (Stewardship Agreement with Grosse Ile Schools) Gray's Drive   Mini Wetland Habitat - Pothole