The Grosse Ile Conservancy... a group of hardworking, selfless, community contributors who love and appreciate the natural world and its influence on our quality of life. Our only compensation is the satisfaction of fulfilling our mission for public benefit. Our mission and common vision have two primary objectives.

The first is the protection and stewardship of the diverse natural resources found in and around the Township of Grosse Ile and the resulting high quality of life they provide our community. The second, not as obvious but equally important, is to provide environmental knowledge to all ages that is so necessary to understand our complex ecosystems and how intimately our human welfare is related to the health of them.

Our philosophy is to work quietly, wisely, scientifically and imaginatively.

The Conservancy is an independent, 501C3, non-profit organization incorporated under the Michigan Department of Commerce and with no affiliation or obligation to any other organization. We were formed in 1993 and are governed by an unpaid Board of Directors elected by our membership at our annual meeting. Our financial support comes entirely from voluntary contributions from community residents. Our tax-exempt status forbids any political activity unless our stated mission is in jeopardy. It also provides for tax deductions for all contributed money, materials, and land and conservation easements.

We are the only private organization in the Township of Grosse Ile that can legally protect property either by direct ownership of land or by holding conservation easements on it. In turn, we are legally obligated to manage our properties with best land management practices that are balanced by public benefit.

We are a corporation of the residents, by the residents and for the residents of Grosse Ile.