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Harry Potter

Touch [plain text]
Harry/Draco, rated PG
Summary: Sometimes a touch means more than a thousand words.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Destructive Patterns [plain text]
Pairing: ?/?, rated G
Summary: An alien reflects on Human holidays

Star Trek: Voyager

Beyond the Bounds of Friendship [plain text]
Kim/Vorik, rated PG
Summary: This is episode-related - in 'Blood Fever', what if Vorik had decided against going down to the planet?

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Harry [plain text]
Paris/Kim, among others, rated PG-13, humour
Summary: As usual in ficland, a high intake of alcohol leads to some unexpected revelations, although not the ones Tom was expecting.

Leaving Home [plain text]
Paris/Kim, rated PG
Summary: Episode Related - 'Investigations'. Helps if you've seen it :) Why Harry was so odd during the leaving scene.

The Return of Malicia and Demonica [plain text]
Paris/Kim, rated PG, humour
Summary: Harry agrees to return to the Captain Proton simulation, with a few minor changes.

Jump to the Left [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated R, S for silly.

Number Sixteen [plain text]
Tuvok/Paris, rated PG, humour
Summary: Missing scenes from the third-season episode 'Worst Case Scenario' - Seska messes with Tuvok's head.

The Mutual Vengeance series

Sharing the Misery [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated PG, humour
Summary: First rule of being ill: make everyone else feel at least as bad as you do.

The Rewards of Revenge [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated PG
Summary: Bad patients make worse nurses...

Sweet Retaliation [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated NC-17
Summary: The boys. Alone in a shuttlecraft. Revenge is involved, for Tuvok's behaviour in the last story.

What Goes Around [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated PG
Summary: Tuvok gets inventive, but not in the way Harry expects.

Just a Kiss [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated R
Summary: All Harry wants is one kiss....

Kim Beta Zero Three [plain text]
Tuvok/Kim, rated PG-13
Summary: More random horniness from the boys. Not so much revenge, but probably things that will cause vengeance later....


Reasons Change [plain text]
Jim/Blair, rated PG
This first appeared in 'Come To Your Senses 2' published by Whatever You Do, Don't Press!

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