Title: Just a Kiss
Author: Dusk (dusk@goldserve.net)
Pairing: Tu/K
Rating: R (just)
Disclaimer: These boys are unlawfully borrowed from their true masters, TPTB at Paramount. I make no profit off of this minor infraction.
Authors note: Joanne challenged - Start a fic with a character saying the words: Kiss me. In attempting it, this inadvertently became the fifth in the 'Mutual Vengeance' series. Which is good, because I'd kinda ground to a halt on that one ;)
Summary: All Harry wants is one kiss....
Comments: Feedback always appreciated.


"Kiss me."

Tuvok's eyes stopped focusing on his console for a second, but he made no other move. He couldn't have... it was unlikely he'd actually heard it, but then, he was hardly in the habit of imagining such things, was he? Save in the more uninteresting of staff-meetings, perhaps.

"You didn't imagine it." Equally whisper-quiet. He looked over at Harry, who looked to outside eyes to be completely involved in his work.

Except for the fact that his lips were moving. He must have stood there and *calculated* the volume needed to carry the requisite distance, because if Tuvok hadn't been tuned into Harry's voice, hadn't had that *fractionally* better hearing than Humans, he wouldn't have picked it up. And nobody else on the bridge was giving Harry any strange looks... which meant he was the *only* one who could hear him. Fortunately.

Harry looked up for a moment and gave a ghost of a smile.

"I mean it," he mouthed silently. "What you should do right now is come over here and liven up this very dull shift by kissing me."

Tuvok raised his eyebrow just enough to let Harry know he had understood the message, then deliberately turned his head back to his console.

Harry grinned and industriously retuned the sensors.

Tuvok glanced at the chronometer. Twenty minutes until shift-change. What were the odds Harry would keep quiet for that long?

Not good, he had to admit.

"I'm just going to keep talking until you come over here, you know."

Tuvok made no sign of having heard.

"I know you've thought about kissing me, here on the bridge."

Tuvok stabbed the control panel unnecessarily hard.

"It would be interesting, don't you think? I expect the crew could use the entertainment."

He did *not* have a erection... he did *not* have an erection... this was totally inappropriate behaviour. He would have to reprimand Harry later.

He shut his eyes for a moment. Now he *definitely* had an erection.

"Go on... for me?"

Cold showers. The Doctor's three-hour photo-essays. Neelix cooking lunch. Neelix wearing nothing *but* lunch.

He shuddered. Well, that was effective at least. Disturbing, but effective.

"I'd make it worth your while."

*How* did this console not have nailmarks in it by now, the way he was gripping it?

A few minutes passed.

"Okay, we'll play it your way."

Harry crossed the Bridge under the pretence of checking the display on Tuvok's console and nudged him aside.

"You're ignoring me," he commented under his breath, pretending to examine the readout.


"I'm just trying to liven up a dull shift, there's no need to get snippy."

Tuvok made no comment on that. Harry dropped one hand from the console to Tuvok's thigh.

"I could be offended that you don't want me anymore." His hand trailed a little higher. Tuvok couldn't help it - he squirmed. "But I can see that's not the case," Harry continued.

Tuvok removed Harry's hand. "If you do not stop... manhandling me... I will be forced to report your behaviour to the Captain. Return to your post."

"Report me? Yeah, right. You're just counting the seconds until your replacement arrives and you can get your own back."

"Perhaps, and perhaps not." Yes. No doubt about it.

Harry looked amused and returned to his console.

"We should have sex on the Captain's chair," he commented idly under his breath.

Tuvok nearly choked, and covered it up by clearing his throat.

"Yes, that would be fun."

It would *not*... it would *not*... he cursed under his breath. So *that* was why people kept 'accidentally' playing his security training programs for this location. And the messhall. And....

He considered whether he should revise his opinion of the revolting oily blue paste Neelix had concocted last week - he had decided it was unfit for internal use - and utilise it as lubricant, which was probably much healthier than actually eating it.

Come to think of it, nobody had actually eaten any... but apparently there wasn't any left.

He realised he was finding out far more than he cared to know about the sex lives of Voyager's crew.

For the next... he checked... four minutes, it was better than thinking about his own, however.

"Maybe I should go down on you at your console...?" Harry murmured speculatively.

So much for *that* idea.

"We never really talked about sex in public, did we? Maybe we should."

Tuvok bit his tongue, and said nothing.

The turbolift doors hissed open and his replacement walked in. Two minutes early, and under ordinary circumstances Tuvok would have waited before handing his position over, but for once he was uninterested in protocol. His replacement was followed by Harry's.

Tuvok caught Harry's eye and made for the turbolift. Harry followed him in and stood next to him, looking straight ahead. The lift door started to close, in the face of the pilot who gestured for Tuvok to hold it. Tuvok pretended not to see. The door slid closed.

"So, what..." Harry started innocently. He didn't finish, because Tuvok had pushed him against the wall and was kissing him like they hadn't seen each other in months.

Harry decided breathing was overrated and responded equally, feeling, with no little satisfaction, Tuvok's partial erection push against his hip.

"You want me so badly you can taste it." he breathed into Tuvok's ear.

Tuvok's eyes were black. "Yes," he whispered, "but if you ever, *ever* do that on the Bridge again...." he left the threat hanging.

Harry remained unaffected and pushed against Tuvok a little harder. "All I wanted was a kiss...."

The turbolift slowed before Tuvok could answer, and he pulled back. The doors opened and he walked out of them and towards their quarters without looking back. Harry straightened his shirt, not that anyone was there to see it, and followed him.

As he entered their quarters, Tuvok greeted him by removing his uniform faster than Harry would have thought possible, had he been capable of thinking at that point. Tuvok's own uniform was discarded with equal speed and Harry found himself propelled towards the couch and pinned down by a naked Vulcan. Not that he objected in the slightest.

Tuvok stared momentarily into Harry's eyes in the near-darkness. Writhing and grinding their erections together, Harry nevertheless found himself being kissed tenderly, lovingly and extensively.

The sex was good, very good. But the kissing? The kissing was the *best*.


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