Title: Kim Beta Zero Three
Author: Dusk (dusk@goldserve.net)
Pairing: Tu/K Rating: PG-13 Series: Sixth in the 'Mutual Vengeance' series. The others can be found at the link below.
Archive: Infinite Diversity, CKOS
Website: https://www.angelfire.com/falcon/dusk/
Disclaimer: These boys are unlawfully borrowed from their true masters, TPTB at Paramount. I make no profit off of this minor infraction.
Summary: More random horniness from the boys. Not so much revenge, but probably things that will cause vengeance later....
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Tuvok stood, topless, in front of the open closet, apparently deep in thought. After several moments, he turned 114 degrees, crossed the room, and reached behind the chest of drawers. He retrieved a crumpled garment, which upon closer inspection, he confirmed was his best blue shirt.


"Mmmhmm?" Harry's voice floated in from the living room.

"Come here."

His lover's form appeared in the doorway, formal shirt half-buttoned and comb in hand.

"You rang, m'lord?"

Tuvok refused to notice the glint in Harry's eyes. "Identify this item."

Harry picked up a sleeve and examined it critically. "It looks like your blue shirt. You really should take better care of it. Silk won't tolerate this kind of treatment...."

Tuvok twitched the sleeve out of his grasp. "I take extremely good care of it. I hang it up. I always hang garments up. You, however, are noted for leaving things in untidy piles on the floor, often for weeks at a time. Coincidentally, I also recall you were the last person to wear this shirt."

Harry grinned and stepped closer. "However, *I* recall that I only wore it because you told me that you didn't want me wandering around naked."

"Correction. I told you that the door was malfunctioning and opening at random intervals."

"You also told me that public nudity was unacceptable."

"If you remember, Captain Janeway suggested that clothing was a good policy until it was repaired, from her viewpoint as a passer-by."

Harry was now mere inches away. "She didn't *have* to look. These are private quarters, after all." He traced a random pattern on Tuvok's bare chest with one finger.

"You are an exhibitionist, Harry." He stilled Harry's hand by covering it with his own.

Harry considered this. "I wore the shirt, didn't I?"

"You tied it around your waist."

"It covered everything you wanted covered...."

"In fact, I prefer it uncovered." Tuvok gave in and allowed Harry to guide their joined hands up under Harry's shirt, watching Harry's breath catch as a nipple was located and caressed.

"Me, too," Harry breathed. He slid his free hand into the waistband of Tuvok's pants and gave him a lingering kiss. "Tell you what..." he whispered into Tuvok's ear, "I think we should skip this party," another kiss, "...and have a private exhibition instead."

With much reluctance, Tuvok pulled away. "We should make an appearance." He turned back to the tidy half of the closet, with every intention of locating another shirt, preferably one long enough to conceal his reaction to Harry's advances.

Harry had other plans. He picked up the discarded blue silk and draped it over Tuvok's shoulders, rubbing his fingers gently across the soft fabric, feeling the muscles twitch underneath. Tuvok closed his eyes.

"I remember why you like the silk," Harry murmured. He undid the remaining buttons on his own shirt, slipped his arms around Tuvok's waist and pressed close up behind him, rubbing skin against silk-covered skin.

Tuvok's less than steady resolve disintegrated completely with the heat of Harry's skin through the silk and, admitting defeat, he turned around and captured Harry's mouth in a kiss that communicated his unequivocal surrender.

"The party... the Ambassador...." he offered token protest as Harry unfastened his belt.

"We can make our excuses later." Harry pulled off his shirt and guided Tuvok to sit the bed. "Right now, the only person you have to think about... is me." He emphasised the point by straddling Tuvok's hips, a gesture that did indeed remove all other thoughts from Tuvok's mind.

"Computer, run program Kim beta zero three."

"What will that do?"

Harry smiled lazily. "Just making sure we won't be disturbed."

"Good." Tuvok wound his hands into Harry's hair and drew him in for another kiss.


In the Mess Hall:

The room was crowded with crew and aliens alike. One person, however, was conspicuously absent. The same person who was meant to appear after an hour to rescue Captain Janeway from her duties as Hostess to the stuffiest ambassador she'd ever had the misfortune to meet. Smiling grimly, Janeway spotted Chakotay in the crowd and excused herself as politely as she could.

She cornered her first officer. "Well? Tuvok said he'd be here by now."

Chakotay leaned in. "I don't think he's coming."

Janeway frowned. "Did he tell you that?"

"Not exactly."

"What does that mean?"

"Comm him."

She sighed. Chakotay was apparently finding something amusing in this, to judge by the grin he was attempting to conceal. Well, if Tuvok was a no-show, *someone* had to entertain the Ambassador... and it certainly wasn't going to be her.

"Janeway to Tuvok."

Instead of the open commchannel she was expecting, a few tinny notes rang out.

*You have reached Commander Tuvok's commchannel,* Harry's voice announced.

Janeway glanced at Chakotay, who shrugged, still grinning. "Harry? What...."

*Tuvok is currently unable to leave these quarters for anything short of a Red Alert,* the recorded voice continued. *If your call is urgent, please state your command override code after the tone. If it is not urgent, please wait until you see him next. Attempting to lure Tuvok back on duty before his shift starts will not be tolerated. Thank you.* The message was followed by a long beep.

Janeway closed her eyes for a moment. Laughing out loud would not be appropriate - the Ambassador would no doubt notice and expect an explanation, which she had no intention of giving. She settled for a suppressed smile.

"You did say it wasn't compulsory to attend, Kathryn," Chakotay reminded her.

"So I did," she agreed. "A mistake I will not make again. In the meantime... have you met Ambassador Jemet?"


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