Title: Sweet Retaliation
Author: Dusk (dusk@goldserve.net)
Pairing: Tu/K Rating: NC-17 (Probably. *Finally* [g])
Archive: InfiniteDiversity, VSPS
Series: Sequel to 'Sharing the Misery' and 'The Rewards of Revenge'
Disclaimer: These boys are unlawfully borrowed from their true masters, TPTB at Paramount. I make no profit off of this minor infraction.
Summary: The boys. Alone in a shuttlecraft. Revenge is involved, for Tuvok's behaviour in the last story.
Author's Note: This is for Helmboy, for using the word 'series' :)
PS: Assume for the sake of the plot (hah!) that shuttles are fairly well equipped.


Tuvok sat, outwardly serene, at the shuttle controls, resolutely *not* looking back at where Harry was idly rearranging their supplies. Occasionally observing him via his reflection in the viewscreen didn't count.

He'd gone from checking medical supplies, to checking emergency rations, to checking the engines, and now to the equipment they were carrying. All things that were perfectly logical activities on long shuttle flights with no other immediate tasks to complete. Clearly he was being paranoid in suspecting that Harry was checking the equipment in a particularly insolent way.

Now Harry was *humming*. It was disturbing. He shouldn't be looking so cheerful. When Harry looked inexplicably cheerful, things were apt to go badly for Tuvok.

He was almost completely sure Harry had forgiven him for his minor obfuscation a few days ago. It hadn't been a lie. Vulcans didn't lie, therefore what he had done was not lying. It was... exaggeration. Embellishing the facts slightly. Overstating the matter just a little. But not lying. After all, he *had* been ill. The Doctor had confirmed it. He had medical records to prove it.

Perhaps keeping the pretence up more than 32 hours after his recovery hadn't been entirely necessary. But he had been making a point, and his point had been made. Well made. And then there had been tender kisses, followed by some fairly energetic sexual acts.

All in all, a success on all counts.

Apart from the bit where Harry informed him that any repeat of his... obfuscation... would result in an unlikely scenario involving Tuvok's intestines being wound around a sharp stick. Humans tended to have very vivid imaginations, but he was secure in the knowledge that empty threats were part of the emotional healing process.

So why did he feel like something bad had happened and he was just waiting to find out what it was?

Harry was whistling. Something with no identifiable tune. And then he stopped whistling, and started smiling vaguely at nothing.

Oh, this was bad. Incalculably bad.

Tuvok decided that Captain Janeway was the one in error. It had been her idea to send them out to investigate what was technically an anomaly, but in actual fact was becoming so common they needed to rename it. Perhaps to 'non-anomalous, clearly identifiable spatial fluctuation', which was far more accurate. Still, an anomaly was an anomaly and required a token investigation. But not by her, and not by Voyager, because Captain Janeway reserved her attention for interesting things, and delegated the tedious and repetitive jobs to the one senior staff member who allegedly was immune to boredom and wouldn't revolt.

*Allegedly*. He particularly regretted perpetuating that myth, because it was indirectly responsible for him being in this shuttle right now, alone with his irrational Human lover. Who was smiling, in what was an unpleasantly self-satisfied manner.

He quickly looked back at the control panel, but Harry had noticed his surveillance and was approaching. Tuvok tracked his footsteps, which stopped immediately behind the pilot's chair. Then Harry was leaning over him, resting a forearm casually on each of Tuvok's shoulders.

"I've forgiven you. There's no need to look so terrified." A disembodied voice commented from just behind his ear. Tuvok kept his gaze firmly on the sensor readouts.

"So you say. And my expression could hardly be called 'terrified'." Mildly apprehensive, at best, he added silently.

"You don't believe me." There was a faint gust of air against his scalp as Harry sighed.

"I have no strong opinions on the matter." He made a minor - and completely unnecessary - course correction.

"I'm hurt, Tuvok, I'm really hurt."

"No, you're not."

"You're right, I'm not." Harry stood up languorously and drifted around until he stood between Tuvok and the console.

"I cannot reach the console, Harry."

"You don't need to." He reached over and flicked on the autopilot.

There was a brief silence as Tuvok calculated his next move, which was rendered useless when Harry chose to straddle Tuvok's legs and sit down.

"You're so cynical, Tuvok." He shook his head, as though disappointed. But Tuvok was well aware of the difference between real irrational Human moods and feigned irrational Human moods, a distinction he could only identify due to much experience with this particular Human. However, he was unable to identify the real mood below the feigned one, so the ability really wasn't of much use.

"A realistic view is often seen as cynical by people who should know better." He ventured a pointedly raised eyebrow, which drew a slow smile from Harry.

"Yes, I do know better, don't I? I know lots of things...." He shifted closer and kissed one pointed eyebrow. Tuvok's initial intention not to respond was almost immediately outvoted by various traitorous parts of his body.


"Yes?" Harry radiated innocence.

"Much as I appreciate this, this is hardly the time or the place...."

"I happen to disagree. I think this is a very good time for this. And since here is where we are, here is also a good place." He shifted his weight deliberately, causing certain parts of Tuvok's body to sit up and pay attention. Harry's hands wandered south.

"We are on duty...." Tuvok managed to protest, albeit unconvincingly.

"I won't tell if you don't."

"You are a very bad influence on me, Harry."

"I know. It's *fun*." Chuckling, Harry withdrew his hand and stood up, leaving Tuvok with his fly open and a very unhappy expression on his face. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere." He planted a brief kiss on the other man's lips, then nudged Tuvok's legs apart and dropped to his knees.

Tuvok's expression shifted from surprise through disbelief and quickly on to a kind of wide-eyed astonished pleasure at the heat of Harry's mouth on sensitive skin. His fingers tangled themselves in Harry's hair...

The communit chirped.

Tuvok shut his eyes and blocked it out, which wasn't difficult when his attention was where it was.

It chirped again.

*Voyager to Shuttlecraft Cochrane. Tuvok, are you receiving this?* Janeway's voice echoed through the suddenly silent cockpit, slightly distorted by the commchannel but very clearly requiring an answer.

"*Fuck*," Tuvok muttered in frustration.

"What, right now?" Harry lifted his head with a grin, licking his lips deliberately.

Tuvok untangled one hand from Harry's hair and reached towards the communit, pausing to catch his breath and work out exactly how much the screen would show, then deciding on an audio-only response.

"Shuttlecraft Cochrane to Voyager. Receiving loud and clear, Captain."

He gasped as Harry resumed his attentions.

"Gsssst" he hissed incoherently, which roughly translated as, 'What the hell are you doing? Stop!'

Harry knew this. He ignored it.

*Is there a problem, Tuvok?* Janeway sounded concerned.

He gritted his teeth. "No problem, Captain."

*Where's Harry? Why are you using an audio channel?*

Harry lifted his head fractionally. "I'm right here, Captain. There's a slight problem with the visual transmitters, I'm just fixing it." He winked at Tuvok.

Tuvok blinked at the bare-faced lie, vaguely relieved he had not been the one who had to improvise a reason.

"Was there a reason you contacted us, Captain?" Too abrupt? Too bad. He was having enough difficulty concentrating enough to speak coherently, and Harry, with his ever so, *ever* so talented tongue, wasn't giving him a chance to *breathe*, let alone assemble his thoughts into any kind of order.

*Astrometrics picked up something they weren't expecting. We'd like you to make some adjustments to your scanners to accommodate it. Sending the details now.*

Some numbers flashed up on a display panel. Tuvok barely glanced at them.

"Received. Understood. We'll make the..." his breath caught, "...the adjustments as soon as we're within range of the anomaly. Cochrane out." He slammed a hand down on the panel to end the transmission moments before his body tensed and waves of a powerful orgasm shot through him.

Spent, he took several deep breaths and untangled his other hand from Harry's now very mussed hair, absently smoothing it down as he did so. Harry wiped his face on his sleeve and hauled himself back up onto Tuvok's lap, plastering himself against Tuvok's boneless form and kissing him roughly, breathlessly and at length. Tuvok slid an arm around Harry's waist, tasting himself against the uniquely alien yet familiar background taste of his lover's mouth.

They broke for air.

"That..." Tuvok shook his head, "... that... was *evil*. Did I ever tell you that you are just... evil?"

"Once or twice."

"Then I confirm my previous declarations. That was unforgivably evil of you."

"I thought Vulcans didn't believe in evil?"

Tuvok thought vaguely that there were few things more appealing than a breathless and mussed Harry. "We don't. However, I have had to modify my views somewhat in light of new evidence, namely, your inexplicably decadent behaviour."

"Decadent. That's a good word, you know. I like it."

"It suits you."

Harry grinned. "We need a shower, my friend."

"*We?* Why do *we* need a shower?"

"Because you smell of sex, and because I have this really strong desire to fuck you right now, and if we do that here, you're the one who'll have to explain the mess when we get back to Voyager."

Tuvok considered this for a fraction of a second. "We need a shower," he agreed.

"Fortunate that this shuttle is equipped with one then, isn't it?"

"Most fortunate, indeed." He set Harry on his feet. They made it to the shower cubicle with a minimum of accidental groping - and quite a lot of deliberate groping - and a short time later, Tuvok had the intense pleasure of being nailed to the wall by a soaking wet and very horny Harry Kim. Naturally, this resulted in the need for another shower.

Several showers later, they sank to the floor in a breathless heap. Harry leaned back against Tuvok's chest and into his arms.

"*Now* you're forgiven."

"I should hope so too, after that," Tuvok mumbled into Harry's shoulder. "Of course, I still have to get revenge on that trick you pulled when the Captain commed us...."

"Got anything interesting planned?"

"I was thinking that perhaps you should be the one to explain to the Captain why we just used up nearly a month's supply of water on a 6-hour mission."

Harry laughed. "Ok. I don't mind. Of course, I'm just too tired to think up a good excuse, so I'll have to tell her the truth...."

There was a few seconds of silence.

"I believe I'll think of something else, on reflection."

"Thought you might say that."

Lacking any suitable response, Tuvok bit him on the shoulder.


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