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5/29/02 SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!! i haven't forgotten about this thing. when i start working on this bitch again, it will be most righteous and worth the wait. although i think i'm the first one to come here in awhile. meh. it happens. off roading makes my brain rattle around. whoa.

4/12/02 sorry for the lack of anything new. as of late i have not been a happy camper. i blame it on this evil soul sucking suburban town. DAMN YOU PENASQUITOS! who knows, maybe i'll get some random inspiration. umm....if you really want to know what's going on in my life you can read my DJ, www.deadjournal.com/users/endlessgarbage yes the name is a reference to the band garbage, and yes it's also a reference to the amounts pointless shit that i write. ha, it's a double meaning if you will. much like the word yay. (if you don't know what yay is referring to, than good for you, it's probably much healthier that you don't.)

4/7/02 i took down the message board. there are many reasons, but rather than tell you i'll let you sit and try to figure out my insane ways. feh. i was going to add some stuff, but i'm really not feeling very creative and/or motivated. not to fear, danger girl will be back eventually. i'll go on a few drug binges with russian mobsters that speak broken english and you go to some day spa and get your nails done and we'll meet back in a week and swap cupcake recipes. deal?

3/20/02 check it! i got an email from an unsuspecting 'web surfer' (like the cool computer lingo? omg, i know i do! lmao!!!!) who was undoubtedly looking for free porn but stumbled on to this piece of shit. he even used proper capitalization! i was impressed, for as you all know i am far to lazy to be troubled with the shift key. fuck you shift key. its validating knowing that i'm not the only one that reads this. not that i read my stories and laugh at my own cleverness while touching myself.


I enjoy your webpage.

Since nobody ever wrote me about mine before it got deleted, I thought it might be nice to at least let someone else feel like their time spent toiling away at html was worth something, to someone, somewhere. Yeah, I'm just bitter. But it's working out ok so far for you, right?

To be honest, I haven't had enough time to look through your whole page, as my "post-secondary education" and various dorky vices have been occupying a heck of a lot of my time, as always. But I've laughed at what I've read so far. In a good way, surprisingly. I get the impression that you could be quite the smart individual. But you could easily be an idiot too. No need to be prejudgemental. Heh, "mental".

I like the shabby bitmap art too.

- Matt

3/4/02 hell yeah, new rant. go read it you mindless ass goblin spank me, i like it

2/12/02 fuckity fuck fuck fuck. i have run out of finances. i have seven dollars to my name. that's right. seven. dollars. a job seems inevitable. damn people, i give and i give and i give, and what do i get in return? shit. drugs will have to wait. that;s a painful sentence. it hurts me physically. sobriety is highly underrated. life is boring, i like to shake things up. wait a minute, what am i talking about. drugs will have to wait, pfffffff. i'll find a way.

2/8/02 what the fuck. that is the sentence/question that describes my life. i'm bored in general. i need something to do. besides sleeping. damn. maybe i should start selling drugs. or maybe humans. hm. they both have their advantages. i have dark circles under my eyes. pretty pretty sunny.

1/30/02 today as i was filling out my job applications i had no idea what date it was. i know, what a loser. um, it seems that not to many peeps come here as often. oh well, i still find myself to be entertaining. hm, i might remove the messageboard just because i'm a bitch like that. i dunno i guess we shall have to see. college is fun, sleeping is funner (is that a word?). geez, i need some new friends.

1/19/02 i finished the painting. how could you care any less? here i am at 7:12. on saturday. at my house. by myself. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!1 drove up to the palomar escondido campus this fine morning. esco is my kind of place. it reminds me of mira mesa. the best thing is the college looks like a strip mall and right across the street is a discount mall. but by far my favorite thing about it, is i have to drive through a residential area to get to my destination. the things that amuse me.

1/18/02 and now for the musical stylings of sunny katz.
im going to rip your eyes out
im going to punch you in the mouth
this is what i'll do
i'm going to have to kill you
but hey at least i warned you

*bow* thank you, thank you

1/17/02 DID YOU KNOW! that in exxxcactly 6 months it will be my birthday? that's right, you heard it here first. i made a new pretty picture today. i think the lipstick and knife say it all. everyone has dead journals. they are the best. damn. so sexy.

1/16/02 go to the crazy drunken writings...NOW!!!!! WAHHHHH!!!!!!! um, shit, i start college on tuesday. i know i'm going to get the look 'hey, who let the 12 year old in?' my first class is english....for FOUR HOURS. GRAGRAGAFGDAFGDFDVFAGFDHY.....erm *thats the sound of me dying* from 6 to 9:50, and for all you tight ass bitches i know it's only 3 hours and 50 minutes. but i only have to go once a week so its not to bad. on monday i have my art class, tuesday i just told you, wednesday i have my art class again, and thursday i go to mount carmel art with homeboy. that leaves fridays for me to marinate. ahhhh sweet marination.

1/4/02 there's a new story...but i'm not going to tell you where, YOULL HAVE TO FIND IT YOURSELF! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! i'm so evil. actually, i'm more lazy than evil. but you still have to suffer in the end. you know....i'm a great big communist and i plan on sneaking into your bedroom, shooting you in the groin, kneecaps, and the eyes. then ifyoure' still alive, i will open up your stomache with a rusty can opener and eat your intestines while humming the theme song from night rider. then i will take a cross and plunge it into your forehead, finishing the job. HAHAHHAHA WHAT IRONY, DYING BY THE SYMBOL THAT YOU PRAY TO. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! (i wonder if anybody reads this)

12/25/01 merry fucking christmas, you infidals.

12/22/01 here's an update for all the two people including myself who actually come here. here. i love you guido.

12/6/01...again: this just in. i put my two weeks in, i quit life. and this time i mean it. grrrrr.

12/6/01: so i finally added the link to kyle and dan's site. wow, i actually did what i said i would. what is happening to me? i didn't go to school today. fuck school i'm a fucking rebel, they don't control me! ok,actually my mom called me in sick. damn, there goes my tough guy persona.

12/3/01 no one coming here is cool. ah, the price we pay to be geniuses. ahh! another update! wooo!!!!! what's going on? i'm actually doing shit? oh, it must be satan taking over my body again. no need to panic.

12/1/01 there's a new story here. i know what youre' thinking....'what? sunny's writing about actual updates in the updates section?! what the hell is going on here!' i know, i'm confused too.

11/29/01 hahaha, kyle and dan's site is fucking hilarious. even though the message board on their is MINE!!! hahahaha, shit. the incubus concert was interesting....i think i'll write a story about it. maybe. the battle is on kyle and dan. hang on to your buttholes. this is going to take a little bit of creativity and a lot of coke. and i don't mean the kind that's endorsed by polar bears.

11/24/01 oh fuck, my night was so funny. ok, i don't want to write it all again, go here to read it. it's the entry with the title 'hahahahaha!.....ha!' holy fucking christ.

11/22/01 that bridge where the girl was raped and killed is spooky. i think the 16 year old guy and his bitches made it even more frightening. i think its funny that we went there on the night of thanksgiving. maybe i'm morbid. you're probably right. but there is something a bit wonderfuly disturbing about visiting death sites on holidays. come christmas time, it's on.

11/2101 i think i may be the only person that does not enjoy thanksgiving. thanksgiving food is not enjoyable at all. and if i hear one more goddamn comment about how we should be thankful that the terrorists didn't get us and how this is such a great country i'm going to kick a small mammal. and its going to be a cute small mammal.