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my take on cults and mass suicide is, you guessed it, i'm all for it.cults and mass suicides don't always have to go together, but i think they make a nice combination. i really think there should be more mass suicides, they're so much more interesting than the singular ones. i say if you're going to kill yourself, why not get a whole bunch of friends together and die while flipping through an old year book? it just seems more family oriented when there's six dead bodies instead of one.

the way i see it, if i was a cult leader (which is looking better and better) i would definately make everybody kill themselves. if you're dumb enough to follow some girl talking about 'motherfucking jim morrison and sailor moon' then you deserve to kill yourself. now i'm sure you're all wondering if i would kill myself with my followers.
"sunny, would you kill yourself with your followers?"

to which i reply with, hell no! i would be the asshole that drank the safe kool-aid and would take your wallet after you died. why? because i'm evil,but mostly because i want to see what kind of pictures you had in your wallet. i'm a nosy bastard like that. after that cult was wiped out, i'd move to another state and start again. it would be sick.

so if you're thinking of joining a cult or slitting your wrists, i'm behind you the entire way. life is more interesting when people are dying (did i say that outloud?) but don't take this as a sign that you should go and start killing other people. i only said i supported suicide. now if you were to wrestle naked with your opponent while teetering over a bridge made of rope (like the one in indiana jones), i would say go ahead and kill the other person. that would be so cool to watch, how could i say no?