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greetings there children! you have sucessfully stumbled upon the most righteous website EVER! here is my little contribution to the world. love me like you love your father. in the butt. this is basicly a tribute, to, well, myself! most of it is stuff i wrote. somethings were blatantly stolen. i'm not going to say what, that's for you to figure out. this layout was done by me, woohoo! you can use those beautiful little links to the side to go to your desired destination. ideas and submissions are always welcome. i may laugh at them and send you a nasty email that sends you into a spiraling depression, but i'll still read them. i like having content, without it i feel naki. i'm pretty sure that everything works, but i do a lot of things half assed so we'll see how it goes. my personal recommendation is to get a bit fucked up before reading any of this. who knows, maybe it'll make sense! maybe you'll even find me funny. dare to dream. anyway, sit back, grab a beer, and prepare to be dazzled.

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There is a reason why Nintendo tried to limit my involvement to giving out clues and various other insignificant tasks. That is because I can't last a whole game as the center of attention without smoking up. I am pretty fun to chill with, as long as no one makes snide remarks about my height, but I am not suitable for young children. This doesn't bother me too much. I don't crave the spotlight like others do. I have my friends, my bong, and a constant paycheck. Being Toad rocks muchly.

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