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ah, the ever infamous question..'just who the hell are you? and why do you have a website?' well! i hope that i can answer all your aching questions. here is an interview between me and beot7. beot7 is a giga pet.

beot7: hello sunny

sunny: hello beot7

beot7: well to start off, why not give us your name and background info?


beot7: well?!

sunny:oh! right, um i'm 17, live in san diego. and i think that darts is the most under rated game.

beot7:hmm, very interesting

sunny: sooo...

beot7: how many candles are you going to blow out on your next birthday?

sunny: where i come from birthdays are not just cause for merriment.


sunny: *ahem*

beot7: what's your favorite number?

sunny: 5


sunny: because i rule

beot7:*smack* you were supposed to say 19

sunny: oww, for a giga pet you sure are violent and bitter

beot7: well you see it all started when-

sunny: hey hey hey, this is my interview here. lets get back to the topic at hand...me.

beot7: fine fine, so, coke or pepsi?

sunny: orange soda

beot7: favorite candy?

sunny: skittles, they fit nicely in a fanny pack

beot7:you have a fanny pack?

sunny: nooo, but if i had one i'm sure that skittles would fit nicely in it

beot7:how thug are you?

sunny: straight up gangsta

beot7:are you planning on taking over the world?

sunny: well at first i was thinking i'd have some crazy militia/cult type thing and just take over a few wallmarts. but my mom always told me to aim high

beot7: can you make a fist when you first wake up in the morning?

sunny: actually, no i can't. damnit, my one weakness has gotten out

beot7: have you ever eaten poop?

sunny: not knowingly

beot7: ok, inquiring 12 year old boys want to know. are you single?

sunny: yeah

beot7: hOt. so are you looking for anything in particular?

sunny: no, not really. i'm much to lazy to make much of an effort in that direction. when things happen, they happen.

beot7: would you ever date a giga pet?

sunny: well, actually...hey, wait a minute.

beot7: what?

sunny: lets keep this relationship strictly business, i have places to go, people to save

beot7: oh thats right, you're that cracked out super hero danger girl!

sunny: cracked out, yup that's me

beot7:don't you just smoke a lot of pot and laugh at lampposts when you go on you 'missions'?

sunny: well, um, maybe, but that's not the point! im still a super hero and i can still kick your ass

beot7:ok ok, is there anything you'd like to tell the children of the future?

sunny: actually yes. children, your parents lie to you. they are actually evil aliens who are just fattening you up for slaughter. your only chance for survival is to turn to me and give me all your orange soda. and stay away from fire hydrants, you never know what is hiding in one. giving people wedgies are always appropriate. and soup is really old peoples bath water.