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crazy drunken writings





WOO! let's here it for nonsense!

crazy drunken writings. this is excactly what it sounds like. most of these i wrote for my writing sem class, others came from my ass. all of them are magical. writing is fun because when you write a story you can play....GOD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! if you want you can kill everyone! or make them sprout tails! so if you're a powerhungry demon like me, it's a fun game. bring on the sarcasm!

toys! ~new
go read my story! toh?

you're asleep and youre not at home ~new
there's no crying in baseball!

a war story
my short story that is not about war

cults and mass suicide!
how do i feel about this shit?

danger girl!
the myth of danger girl is born...

last time
who knew burning freshman could be so fun?

squid, the cowardly gas station attendant

long live squid

living paintings
oh no, not the poker playing dogs again

if you get offended easily, read this one. love god? you'll probably hate me. i'm in cohorts with the devil

i hate pants

the aim of education
hooray for mediocrity!