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Two People. 9,000 Religions. It's time for one of our own.  
 Official Website of the Jewish Catholic Witches, Who Find Enlightenment Through Buddhist Shamanism; Praise be to Allah and the Children of Satan; Fellowship
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Our Prophets

Our most holy prophets are Turtle and Snake, as they founded the Fellowship and are truely inspired. (By what we're not sure, but they're inspired by something.) We also honor and sometimes worship, if it gets us out of work, one or more of the following list. (In ABC order - I learned that in 1st grade.)

Abraham Lincoln
David Letterman
Elias, Norbert
Elisha Wood
Isaac Hayes
Ishmael Reed
Jesús Vázquez
John Adams
Muhammad Ali
Moses, Sailor
Noah Bastian
Solomon R. Guggenheim
Siddhartha Chatterjee
Zachariah Chandler


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