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Two People. 9,000 Religions. It's time for one of our own.  
 Official Website of the Jewish Catholic Witches, Who Find Enlightenment Through Buddhist Shamanism; Praise be to Allah and the Children of Satan; Fellowship
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Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with any religion, real or make believe. This site is not affiliated with any organizations and or person other than the maintainers and creators of this site.

Join Us: We're Kind of Like a Cult

Intrested parties should sign the guestbook first. Once this step is completed, the divine has instructed that you send us money. We don't care how much, just send it to us. We figure with this step we are incorporating the religions of those guys that claim to be Christian that you see on T.V. dripping with gold and getting away w/adultery, embezzlement, etc because their god doesn't seem to mind unless they get caught. The final step is to tell everyone you know about our Fellowship. We cannot grow without awareness. Remember, one day all will follow our Fellowship and no one will be working.

Let your search for true truth be over, or at least mildly amused at this point. (True Truth?)

"Everyone is going to someone else's hell."


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