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Two People. 9,000 Religions. It's time for one of our own.  
 Official Website of the Jewish Catholic Witches, Who Find Enlightenment Through Buddhist Shamanism; Praise be to Allah and the Children of Satan; Fellowship
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Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits are used within the Fellowship as a way of incorperating indeginous beliefs and religions into our own. This is in hopes that we will have more holidays off.

While all animals are sacred, certain ones call out to us more than others. Usually it's our favorite animals (like the turtle and snake). We use these animals as guides and as handles on the net so no one knows who we are.

Choosing your own handle, I mean animal spirit, should be a very personal choice. Don't let anyone tell you to follow the monkey cause you look like one. Hours of prayers and meditation are the preferred methods to reach your true animal guide, although opening up an animal book at a random page works just as well.


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