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Two People. 9,000 Religions. It's time for one of our own.  
 Official Website of the Jewish Catholic Witches, Who Find Enlightenment Through Buddhist Shamanism; Praise be to Allah and the Children of Satan; Fellowship
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Book of Non-Shadows

If you follow or have read about the religion known as Wicca or are a witch or know one, or even studied the craft, or even just heard in passing, or watched really bad movies on witches, even some good ones, then you may have hear of the "Book of Shadows". Generally this book is very personal and contains spells and thoughts of the person that keeps it. Think of it as a super diary, minus the "Dear Diary...Robbie broke up with..." or "Dear Diary...Last night was the most amazing...". You get the picture. Well here at the Fellowship, in attempt to sort of add other religions, crafts, practices, and beliefs but twist them into our own ideals, the divine has intructed a Book Of Non-Shadows. Unlike a Book of Shadows, our book is more like a diary..."Last night was just awful..." as well as a collection of hate mail...gotta love the hate and FAQ's.

Q: How did the name for the Fellowship come about?
A: Scientology was taken.

Q: Why the creation of the Fellowship?
A: In case you skipped the rest of the site, the Fellowship was created to get more day off from work.

Q: Does the Fellowship have a banner I can use to link to the site?
A: Go to our banner page and pick one up.


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