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Two People. 9,000 Religions. It's time for one of our own.  
 Official Website of the Jewish Catholic Witches, Who Find Enlightenment Through Buddhist Shamanism; Praise be to Allah and the Children of Satan; Fellowship
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Statements of Faith

We are Jewish Catholic Witches. We believe that enlightenment can be found only through Buddhist Shamanism, Praise be to Allah and the Children of Satan. We believe with a decent amount of the larger religions covered we should rarely be working, as there are a lot of holy days that we need off so we can fully practice our faith. We believe that no one is equal and that we are superior to all, as we worship and follow more than one religion. We believe that by following many different religions, one of them is bound to be right. In this way, we are increasing our chances of a better afterlife (kind of like buying a bunch of lottery tickets). We believe that salvation for our immortal souls is based on whatever salvation rule we feel like following for the day. This too increases the chance of a better afterlife(Lottery Ticket). We believe quick wit and a sharp tongue are gifts of the divine and use them at every possible opportunity. We believe that cats are better than dogs and that fish don't count unless they are on our plates.

"We are not racist, as we do not like to run."


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