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Vol. 3, Issue 2                               FALL/WINTER 2004

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Photo and Information Credits:

  • Thank you, Marvin and Cheryl Bruce for providing a husband's perspective on Black-doll collecting.

  • Thank you Manya Elliott for sharing your Goldie Wilson doll photos.

  • Thank you, Sandy Faber, for sharing the photo of Baby Olivia and Baby Raven Wing.  

  • Thank you, Mina Holiday, for your encouraging words. Without them, this would be the last issue of The BDE.  

  • Thank you Stephanie Jones for allowing me to share the Lorna Miller-Sands OOAK doll give away information with The BDE readers. 

  • Thank you, Margaret Rogers, for the delightful doll vignette included in the Doll Focus column.  I am sure The BDE readers will be looking forward to future vignettes from you.  :-)   

  • Thank you, Vicky Williams, for sharing the photo of your Goldie Wilson doll.


  • CCDC Times, Vol. 3, Number 3

  • The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls, Debbie Garrett, Hobby House Press, July, September 2003.