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Vol 3, Issue 2                                                              FALL/WINTER 2004

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What The BDE readers are saying:


You are simply amazing!  This is the best issue yet.  Thank you for working
so hard for our enjoyment.  I have created a dolly binder with each issue of
the ezine. 

You are a TREASURE!


“Kudos, once again Debbie you have out done yourself. Your abilities to capture people and dolls never ceases to amaze. You are doing a fantastic job by producing another masterpiece. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next issue. We are blessed to have you share in our passion for doll collecting.

What a doll education we are receiving through this doll-e-zine.
Thank you, your doll sister, Joyce S.”

“Great issue!!!! Stopped reading my emails to read it from the first page to
the last!!! I am so sad that there will only be one more issue! If there is
anything I can do to help the Zine continue just let me know. I would be happy to
donate web space to see this WONDERFUL zine continue.

In His Love,


“Wonderful issue, Debbie!  This is quite an undertaking by yourself.   Your
absolute love for dolls shines through.

Peace & Blessings to you!
Cheryl B.”

Thanks for another great issue.

I would like to compliment Debbie on your beautiful Magazine... It was awesome…  I wanted to personally thank you for using my pictures. Oh, and Aaron
says Thank you too...”

“Another Great Issue Debbie!

Thank you!

“I enjoyed reading every page of this issue.  I have learned so much about collecting Black dolls and have made many new friends, too.


”I so enjoyed this issue of the Black Doll E-zine.  You
do such a wonderful job.. I hate to see it go..

Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into


“Another great job Debbie! It is always enjoyable and the only place where I can read about so many dolls of color, collectors & artists. I was sad to read that
there will only be one final issue, but I hope that the past issues can remain accessible for reference.



“Once again Debbie another great issue!


“This is a wonderful publication. I stumbled on it from the "Dolls of Color" list. I'm so sorry I am so late in getting back to dolls that I have missed previous issues. Is there an archive to allow me to view and save back issues of the ezine?

I'm very impressed.

Peggye L. Mills”

“debbie, thanks for including my comments in the magazine...linda h.”

“The Black-Doll-E-Zine is wonderful as always, Thank you.  I can only imagine
how much work goes into it, and I understand completely why you want to be


Janice Larsen”


“This issue is great Debbie; all the more so since you did it alone!  I just
wish Debbie Britt had submitted a picture as the profiled doll collector.
It is nice to put a face to the name.

Boy, do I wish this could continue, but I know how hard it is to do a
newsletter since I took on the task of doing the CCDC Doll Times. I am sending
you a copy...putting it in the mail tomorrow.
Be Blessed!
Cheryl B.”

“I loved the magazine. Number 1 on my want list is Phillip Heath's Aaron.
He looks my son, Danny… Kim D”


“Hi Deb
I'm sorry that you are ending this publication. If your readership
was willing to defray the cost involved, would consider continuing
this wonderful ezine magazine? I would be willing to financially assist you and I'm sure others would. Thanks much.


Before the decision to publish The BDE semiannually was made, the following two reader responses were received and replies sent: 

Subject:  “I love your Doll-E-Zine website.



I love your newsletter it is very informative for doll collectors. I know the site in costly and time consuming but if I and others were willing to pay a fee to access your site and help keep it going. Would it be  possible to continue  running the website?

Thank - you.

Have a nice day.


Leslie B.”


REPLY: Hello Leslie,

Thank you for writing me about Black Doll-E-Zine.  I am glad that you enjoyed the current and possibly the back issues as well.

I would love to offer a subscription-based e-zine if time would permit me to focus my energies along that line; but unfortunately, it does not.  That is why I have decided to discontinue the publication of Black Doll-E-Zine after the next issue.  The final issue will be published later on the year. 

I have added your email address to the list of subscribers…
Thank you again for writing me.

Debbie Garrett


“Hi Debbie,

I'm looking forward to reading every word of the latest issue.  Already, I've glanced through all of the pages and as usual, you've done a wonderful job.

Would anything convince you to change your mind about ceasing the publication of Black Doll-E-Zine? 
If someone(s) volunteered to help you with it, would you reconsider?  I'm feeling sad just thinking about it ending.  I always look forward to reading it each time it is published.


REPLY: Once I resigned a position because it was too time-consuming, stepping down to one that offered less pay, but peace of mind.  The CEO of the company asked me if there was any amount of money that would make me change my mind. I told him, as I will tell you, 'No amount of money [help] will make me change my mind.’

We [Black-doll collectors] needed the 'zine, and I enjoyed working on it with and without Zee; but the time has come for me to move on to something else or to just stop and
smell the roses for a while.  I have too many irons in the fire.

Debbie Garrett”
Author of The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls  (Looking forward to smelling lots of roses!)

Thank you for your feedback!  

Please continue to submit feedback, doll news, doll stories, etc. to: (Deb)


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