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Vol. 3, Issue 2                               FALL/WINTER 2004


Goldie Wilson ~ Original Doll Artist

by Debbie Garrett

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"Goldie Wilson's journey into the doll world began at the age of five when her grandmother, a seamstress, taught her to sew and cut paper patterns for clothes.  'A child has to be able to do something useful,' her grandmother would say.  By the time that she was seven, Goldie could embroider, crochet and tat.  One day all of these endeavors would become very handy in her dollmaking.


"In high school, Goldie found pleasure in art classes, learning to paint and draw.  Her excellence in class led her to ceramics; and ultimately, she became the owner and founder of her own shop, Goldie's Ceramics.  Here, she taught classes for twenty three years, during which time she also entered many ceramic competitions and won high honors at these shows.  After taking classes in china painting, she made her first ceramic reproduction doll.  Goldie soon began making porcelain reproduction dolls and immediately knew that this was what she was destined to do.



"Goldie took the next step of her journey by enrolling in Seeley's dollmaking classes and seminars.  She realized that in order to fully understand dolls, you must realize that dollmaking is a learning process.  You must read, attend shows, look at many dolls, and learn as much as you can.  Although Goldie was making and selling porcelain reproduction dolls, they were not her creations. She attended a basic sculpting class and learned the art of sculpting and ultimately sculpted Diamond, her first original doll.  Her dreams were finally realized.  She had come full circle.



"Goldie's dolls are completely her own.  They are sculpted from original molds, and the clothing is designed and assembled by her.  Jewelry, shoes and even wigs are a 'Goldie Wilson Original'.



"Goldie has participated in doll shows across the country including:

  • Gigis Dolls & Sherry Teddy Bears - Chicago, Illinois
  • International Toy Fair - New York, New York
  • Santa Fe Doll Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • International Black Doll Convention - Philadelphia, PA
  • Doll & Teddy Bear Expo - Washington DC
  • Black Doll Expo - Hunt Valley, MD
  • The Walt Disney World Doll & Teddy Bear Convention - Orlando, FL"


The editor of The BDE  had the pleasure of meeting Goldie at the 17th Annual Philadelphia Black Doll Show and Sale in May of 2004.  There, the editor fell in love with Goldie's trunk dolls.  Little did she know that Goldie's dolls would be an almost immediate sell out and that she would come to feel the impact of the "snooze you loose" phrase first hand.  Upon returning from the show, contact was made with Goldie, who informed the enthusiastic collector that one additional trunk doll was available.  Finally, one of Goldie Wilson's original dolls would be coming to Texas.


Collectors across the United States know the name Goldie Wilson.  "She has created souvenirs for doll club luncheons, including a club luncheon for the 53rd United Federation of Doll Clubs National Convention."  Goldie is also featured in the latest Black doll book, Black Dolls:  Proud, Bold, and Beautiful.  


An original line of dolls was created by Goldie and sold via HSN.  Adashia, the first HSN doll is featured in The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls


In addition to dolls, Goldie also makes jewelry.  Her miniature doll necklaces, pins, and earrings are absolutely beautiful and serve as great gifts.


If you do not own at least one doll by an African-American doll artist, adding one of Goldie Wilson's dolls or jewelry to your collection may be a consideration for you.  







"Once Upon a Time" is an Original Doll by Goldie (photo courtesy of Manya Elliott)

Solange, another Original Doll by Goldie (photo courtesy of Vicky Williams)

Original Trunk Doll  with four outfits made by Goldie (photo courtesy of Cheryl Bruce)


Another Original Trunk Doll whose name, "Kayin," given by her new owner, means long awaited.  Included with doll are trunk, doll stand, four outfits, fur coat, wooden teddy bear with vintage-style tricycle, and signed certificate of authenticity.

The front of Kayin's trunk - Goldie made this too!

Here are Kayin's extra outfits - Goldie made everything!


"Adashia" the first doll by Goldie sold through HSN


"Talya" - 28-inch porcelain doll sold through HSN (photo courtesy of Manya Elliott)


"Channa" - A Massai Princess, another HSN offering (photo courtesy of Manya Elliott)

Original Goldie Wilson Necklaces -- such intricate detail; no two are alike!

Thank you, Goldie, for sharing your gift of doll artistry with The Black Doll-E-Zine and for also allowing the use of your interesting biography, courtesy of your web site. 
Contact information for Goldie Wilson:

The Dolle Shoppe

8505 Edgeworth Drive

Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743


Fax 301-350-0901