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Vol. 3, Issue 2                              FALL/WINTER 2004

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Closing Words


Because the passion for Black dolls is shared by so many collectors; and because very little information (in print, electronic form, or otherwise), is available to those who share the passion, The Black Doll-E-Zine will remain a semiannual publication.  

Please keep in mind that The BDE is a one-WOman operation and all help will be welcomed with open arms.  Therefore, if you have doll news, doll care, or other Black-doll-related information that you would like to share; please do not hesitate to write.

If you are a doll collector or doll artist and would like to share your profile with The BDE readers, please let Deb hear from you.  

Until next time...

For the incurable, passionate love of Black dolls,


For feedback or comments: 

Write to: (Deb)