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About the Editor

Because she has been a Black-doll enthusiast for over a decade, Deb is interested in everything related to Black-doll collecting. She enjoys collecting, discussing, and networking with others who share her passion for Black dolls. She has a web page that celebrates Black dolls, the All About Black Dolls Message Board, and she founded the WeLoveBlackDolls Online Club at Yahoo! Deb is also a member of other online doll discussion groups and is a UFDC member at large. In 2003, she wrote the Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls, Hobby House Press, Inc., and she continues to work on her second book. Her first book is out of print, but Deb will sell autographed copies until her supply is exhausted.

Deb and the former co-editor of Black Doll-E-Zine, Zee, both realized the need for an e-zine devoted to Black-doll collecting. Because of their shared passion for Black dolls, they decided to launch this project together.  Although Zee has moved on to other things, Deb decided to continue The BDE on a solo basis.   

Deb hopes that the "first and only e-zine devoted to collecting Black dolls" will continue to fill the void created by its prior absence and that the readers will continue to benefit from its presence on the Internet.



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