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Vol. 4, Issue 1                               QUARTERS 1-2, 2005

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Photo and Information Credits:

  • Thank you again, Cheryl Bruce, for sharing your photos and your collector's profile.

  • Thank you, Manya Elliott, for sharing photos of dolls from IDEX.

  • Thank you, Vanessa Morrison, for sharing your photos and your artist's profile.

  • Thank you, Cyndy Stevens of, for sharing felting needle and holder photographs.

  • Thank you, Stormy, artist of Stormy Weather Dolls for allowing me to photograph you and your dolls at the Philadelphia Doll Show.  

  • Thank you, Vicky Williams, for sharing photos taken at the Philadelphia Doll Show.

Websites/Email Addresses:

  • Amosandra (Amos 'n' Andy) Links:


( ( (