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Editor - Debbie Garrett
Vol. 4, Issue 1                            QUARTERS 1-2, 2005




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Collecting News

Profile of a Collector

Profile of an Artist

Doll in the Spotlight!

Doll Care Basics



Closing Words


The third quarter of the year is approaching, and finally the first issue of The Black Doll-E-Zine is published!  It has been a long wait since the Fall/Winter issue of 2004, but the zine is back online and full of Black-doll information.  

Highlights of new dolls from IDEX and the 18th International Philadelphia Black Doll Show are included under the "Collecting News" link.

Get to know a doll enthusiast and a doll artist by clicking the  "Profile of a Collector" and "Profile of an Artist" links, respectively.  Their profiles are both inspiring and informative.

Dolls from the past are always reminders of how much our dolls have evolved.  The "Doll in the Spotlight" column is a reminder of this evolution.  

Hairy information is shared under the "Doll Care Basics" link, and there is much more.

So take your time and enjoy all that is offered in the current issue of The BDE!

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