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Vol. 4, Issue 1                                         Quarters 1-2, 2005

Doll Collecting News

by Debbie Garrett

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At IDEX in Orlando this year, renowned doll artist, Goldie Wilson presented several new face molds.  Two are below:

Two lovely ladies by Goldie Wilson


A few other artist dolls made their debut at IDEX in Orlando this year:

Antonia and Ashley by Heidi Plusczok, 25-1/2 and 11-inch, vinyl 

Lee Middleton 2005 Club Doll, Playing Mommy, and Little Baby

Realistic Porcelain Trio by Pauline Middleton, L-R Sheria, Alice, and Ava

Dolls by Margaret Mousa, Jenny standing (left); Jenny sitting (right)

Dolls by Sissell Skille and Zawierusynski



The following fashion dolls were presented at IDEX:

Adele Lustrous Silhouette, Black Lacquer Collection

Tariq  and Janay Fashion Insider (Playline) 

Luxe Be a Lady Cissy and Sight to See Coquette Cissy by Madame Alexander

Fashion Fix Paris Williams


From Mattel and Barbie Collector is Tano, the final doll in the highly acclaimed Treasures of Africa Collection designed by Byron Lars.  Like it or leave it, Tano's headpiece is complete with birdcage and feathered tail, red bird!

On June 15, 2005, go to to enter Barbie doll's Doll-A-Day Giveaway online sweepstakes.  There will be a winner every day for 30 days starting June 15 through July 14, 2005. 


Collectors of character or personality dolls may want to add the following playline dolls to their collections:

That's so Raven (available in July) and Destiny's Child Dolls (available in June):  Michelle, Kelly (in back) and Beyonce


At the 18th Annual International Black Doll Convention this past May in Philadelphia, several members of the WeLoveBlackDolls online email doll discussion group had an opportunity to meet once again and view dolls from several African-American doll artists.  

Here is Deb at the Philly show with a real-live doll and a doll box that contains one of Deb's purchases.

Groom and Bride cloth dolls by Lorna Paris

Leather doll pouches by Lorna Paris

Stormy and her Stormy Weather Dolls that have plenty of at-ti-tude!

Goldie Wilson was also at the Philly doll show.  As usual, the majority of her dolls sold out almost immediately the first day of the show!  A few of her beautiful doll pins still remained Saturday afternoon.

Two Life-size, precious one-of-a-kind dolls by Lorna Miller-Sands


On day two of the Philly doll show, members of the Lorna Miller-Sands Collector's Club enjoyed breakfast with Lorna before the show began.  Lorna is an exceptionally nice, generous woman and her dolls are absolutely breathtaking!  Members of her collector's club who attended the breakfast received a one-of-a-kind doll pin!

LMS OOAK "Breakfast with Lorna in Philly" Doll Pin


This year, Lorna Miller-Sands offered 8-inch resin Lil Bitties.  In 2006, Lorna will be offering silicone Lil Bitties!  I can hardly wait!  The babies will be approximately 12 inches and made of solid silicone!  The Black doll, Kiyah, will only be available to members of the Lorna Miller Sands Collectors Club.  LMS Collector's Club information may be obtained on her website, a link to which is on the Resource page of this issue.



Also from Lorna Miller-Sands will be 13-inch, resin Big Bitties. They retail for $99.95 and preorders are being taken via Lorna's website.  The Black doll, Janelle, will only be available to members of the Lorna Miller-Sands Collector's Club. (The link to the LMS website is on the Resource page of this issue.)  

LMS Big Bitties, Aaliyah and Janelle 





Reflections on Fashion
UFDC 56th National Convention
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 10-15, 2005
Special exhibit:  Rhapsody of Black, Brown and Beige... A Celebration of Black Dolls Through Time
Doll & Teddy Bear Expo
August 20-21, 2005
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
N2660 Woodley Rd, NW
Washington, DC

If you have Black-doll collecting news that you would like to share with the readers of  The Black Doll-E-Zine,  please contact, Deb at: