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Vol 4, Issue 1                                                QUARTERS 1-2, 2005

What The Black Doll-E-Zine Readers are Saying:

Yippee!!  I had to stop and read the E-Zine from front to back.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Debbie, for deciding to continue the e-zine.  You did a marvelous job.  I enjoyed it tremendously.  Thanks for all you do.



“I have to admit that when I first went to read this issue, I was a

little sad, because this was the last one I would be reading. I was

ecstatic to see that the e-zine was going to continue semi-annually.

This was a great issue… Fantastic job, Debbie.




First of all I really, really enjoyed the magazine.  What can we do or what can be done to keep it going?  I really think that Your magazine, is (was) the only  e-zine dedicated to our black dolls.  Also, was there a last issue, I looked for it, but I could not find it.  Thanks again for a job well done.  Vivian

I was just too excited to read that this would not be the last issue.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  I enjoy reading every article over and over...

Thanks again for keeping it going.  Best wishes for continued success.


Loretta Molet

“Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much for your email and for letting me know the issue is online, I've checked it out and I absolutely love it!!!! I am so sorry for my late reply though Debbie, my email server let me down these past few days, I did receive your email but wasn't able to send any mail out. The pictures, the text, it's just perfect, I can't thank you enough for this Debbie

You're the best, a huge thank you again!


xxx Sandy ” [Faber]

“The e-zine is wonderful. I enjoyed reading it!

Loanne Ostlie”

Oh - I just saw the eZine... the play was too cute... with the little ones

reciting their lines…

…Thanks to the  E-zine, I learned about the Black Chatty Cathy repro by

Ashton Drake… you know I immediately ordered one just now.   Still waiting

for the Black Patti Play Pal.  Any scoop on this?

A Brown



“I saw the e-zine and it is off the hook (as the young people would

say).  I love it!  Once again, you have done a wonderful job. I really

enjoyed the collector's husband and Margaret's little story. I got to

have a copy. You just get better and better each time and full of



Your Number 1 Fan



I just had the best reading and presentation about dolls, that I ever had in my life!!

My, my, Debbie!! I am in the right company of the sweetest and most

Knowledgeable doll people, ever!!

This publication is so full of wonderful and expert information! Talk about pleased, I AM!!! Thank you, Debbie, and all who participated!!!!!



You have done a wonderful job once again with Black Doll-E-Zine and thank you

for agreeing to continue the electronic magazine on a semi-annual basis. I 

want to see the magazine continue, so count me in as a volunteer…


Regina ” 

“Thanks, Debbie!

Congratulations on another great issue! The Profile of a Collector's Husband was really cute! I’m glad to see that you decided to keep publishing the zine and I hope you get some good response from volunteers because it is a lot of work!




 The article about Doll Collecting from a male perspective was very refreshing . It helped to confirm my belief that our addiction for collecting our beautiful little friends includes all ethnic groups and both genders.

 I am extremely pleased that Black Doll-E-Zine will continue to excite us and delight us. I have loved and saved every issue.


Roberta Bolton”


“I finally got all of this issue read & printed. It is absolutely, incredibly, fantastic - superb. Debbie, you outdid yourself again. Do you know if Goldie ever plans to do vinyl dolls? Margaret, your vignette is precious. What a novel idea! I got my laughs for today from Marv. Cheryl, tell him not to get a big head, but he's the bomb! '......they just walked in and sat down and then split and divided......'  '....I just vacuum in the center of the room.....'  '......the dolls would look real good on eBay.....'  He's just too cute & now I'm laughing again.

Debbie, I see that The Legacy Doll Club in Houston is still listed under FAQ. I went to that address & couldn't find it. There were a few other shops in that area. Most hadn't heard of it. A Black Memorabilia Shop said that something like that used to be nearby but nothing like that was there now.

I'm still learning so much from each issue & this group, although I don't think that I'll try to repair a broken porcelain doll part. I'd like to share a couple of things. When I received Veronika, a few weeks ago, one of her arms separated from the cloth as I was unpacking her. (It was probably already like that). Because I had done the doll kits last summer, I was able to remove the tie & reattach her arm, using a new tie. Also, I've had a doll for sometime with a wobbly head. I cut the cloth at the neck, removed her head, stuffed a lot of poly-fil in her body, & reattached her head. Now it's not wobbly anymore. And something that I just thought of this moment: If I hadn't joined this group & wanted to share my doll photos, I would not have bought a digital camera & learned to use it. Thanks again, Debbie.

Always Blessed,

Ruth M.”


“Excellent issue Debbie.  It's good to read a husband's perspective

on doll collecting.  I'm going to let my husband read this!





"Hi Debbie,

Just read the magazine and I am so happy to see that it will  continue!!  Congratulations on a job well done!!



“Hi Debbie


Congratulations on another great ezine!





“…Margaret I loved your skit too! Debbie, all the pictures of

the new dolls came out really well!


Peace & Blessings to you!


Cheryl B.”



I thoroughly enjoyed each section of your latest E-Zine.  Thank you  much and

thanks [to] each of you who helped make the E-zine a success.  Marv  is a

keeper, Cheryl!  (-=





You did a fabulous job as usual!  I love the article about Marv, that is too cute.  Goldie's profile is awesome!  Best of all it's not going away!!!  Thank you Debbie for letting this E-zine continue!



Thank you for your feedback!  

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