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Lilystcyr's Rocky Horror Picture Show & Band Site

Sheri Lyn Rosensweig

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This is a lovely medley of myself made by my friend Sarah.

4/28/09, Okay...It's time to update this site!!! I've got boatloads of pictures that I need to put up. I still have not put up my pictures from The Rocky Horror Convention in Atlantic City, NJ that was hosted by "The Home of Happiness" Cast.

This site is mostly dedicated to my almost 14 years of performing and/or involvement in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of the "early days". The first set of links below will take you to my Rocky Horror Bio, and favorite pictures of me performing. They are split up between the different casts that I have performed with over the years. Below are also links to sites that feature me in different Rocky Horror events and dedication pages.

Also, you can go to my MISC FUN PICTURES!!! and see me doing "normal" things in "normal" clothes and a little misc Rocky Horror pics of me and friends I've run across. You may also visit my Poetry Page if you'd like. It's quite a bit to read and I still tons more on paper. I would love to hear any type of feedback. There is a guestbook on the page. A lot of them really suck, but I don't even want to lose the sucky ones, so they are staying on the page. Also, there are links below to pages dedicated to my friend's bands and to my favorite bands with pictures of me with them. If you want to know everything there is to know about me, you can visit my Live Journal. I used to update it everyday, but I've been slacking. Also, I have a site on MySpace. You will need to request to be a friend to access all the information on both sites.

I am a founding member of Formal Dress Optional, which was started in 2002. I left for a few years, but returned in December of 2005. I consider this my current cast although, I do not play with them on a regular basis. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or need information. I'm sorry to say that I don't have any pictures on this site from FDO, but I'm sure that will change.

My Rocky Horror Bio

Special Event Performances

1999 - Current

Sincere Lust Cast Performance Pictures

Retired Cast - Performer 1995 - 2002

Transexual Misfits Cast Performance Pictures

Theater Closed - Cast Manager/Performer - 1998 - 1999

Castle Transylvanians Performance Pictures

Theater Closed - Performer - 1999


All Sort of Misc Pictures!

Transexual Misfits, This cast is now defunct because the theater was shut down. I was the founder of this cast and the cast manager. Our show ran for almost two years. There is lots of information and pictures on this site. I still try to keep it maintained because this cast was very special to me. If there was ever a theater available, I would certainly be more than happy to put this cast back together in a heartbeat.

Rocky Horror Special Shows and Conventions

Rocky Horror Philadelphia Convention, 10/2002
Rocky Horror Las Vegas Convention, 10/2000
Rocky Horror Allentown Convention, 3/2000
Rocky Palooza 3/10/01
Rocky Palooza 5/26/01
Millennium Show Philadelphia 2000
Rocky Horror Tucson Convention, 10/1999

Other Sites That Feature My Bios and Pictures

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Totally Trixie
The Tribute to Magenta Site
The Tribute to Rocky Site
The Tribute to Dr. Scott Site
The Tribute to Frank-n-Furter Site
The Tribute to Transylvanians Site

My Friend's Bands

My Savatage Pictures 9/21/01
My Queensryche Pictures 7/12/03
My Trashlight Vision Fan Site (more pics soon)
My Tidewater Grain Fan Site
My Victims of Progress Fan Site
I M Everything Official Site
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Hair Force One Official Site