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Millennium Philadelphia Show

The 25th Anniversary Show with Sal Piro was awesome!!! Thanks to all the players from our cast, Transylvanian Nipple Productions and The Tranducers Players!! We had a great time putting on this show!! Here are a few pictures of the fun. It was standing room only!! and the Mayor of Philadelphia, Ed Rendell came to say hi to us it Rocked!!! It was a great honor for everyone involved to roll Rocky over into the next Milennium!!

Happy New Year!! Sean, Jess, Heather and Lori

First pic of 2000!! Mike and Sheri

Ed Rendell, Sheri, and Sal

So I tried to mark the mayor with red lipstick...he needed a V!!!

Skip and Ed Rendell

Sal and Sheri

Lori opening the Show!!!

Colleen, Jess, Nick and Erica

Sheri, Joe, and Mike

Mike, Erica and Jessica


Jess, Sheri, and Erica

Erica, Joe, and Jessica


Curtain Call!!

Here is a link to even more!!!

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