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Shock Treatment and RHPS Performances at Tucson Convention Oct 1&2, 1999

Stacy and Kevin (Simply His Servants, Cleveland OH, Nate and Brigid (Barely Legal), Larry & Sherri (Home of Happiness, NJ), Jamie (Indecent Exposure), Mike R. (Transexual Misfits, Elkton, MD)

Mike R. , Jamie, Sheri (Transexual Misfits, Elkton, MD)

Jessica (Transexual Misfits), Jeff, Angela (Midnight Insanity, Longbeach, CA)

Mike, Jamie, Sheri, Julie (The Bawdy Caste)

Marc(Under Sedation), Bill(NY City), Jessica

Marc, Reign (Midnight Insanity, Long Beach, Ca), Jessica

Ed (Bawdy Caste), Sheri

These pictures courtesy of Midnight Madness

All of the Tucson 1999 Rocky Convention Pictures
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