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Rocky Palooza, Allentown, PA 3/10/01

These pictures were taken on 3/10/01 at Rocky Palooza, in Allentown, PA. Cast from Allentown, Maryland, Delaware, and Ohio participated in the show. I apologize to the people that I don't know the names of. If someone could help me out, I'd appreciate giving them credit.

Samantha, Jen, Charlene, and Sheri

Bill Brennan and Sheri

Randy and Bill

The Cast for the night minus a few straglers...

Ryan, Kevin, Sheri, Jessica

Sheri and Kevin

Lauri and Kate

Lauri and Kate

Mike, Jess, Sean, Frank, Sheri, and Kevin

Ryan, Kevin, Sheri, Jess, and Sean

Kevin, Sheri, Jess, and Ryan

Sheri, Kevin, Jess, and Ryan

Sean, Mike, and Jess

Sheri, Frank, and ?

Frank, Sheri, and Kevin

Little Richard, Frank, Mike, Jess, and Sean

Little Richard and Frank


Sheri, Kate, and Frank

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