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Victims of Progress Fan Site

Ian Wiseman is now with Lifer. But, I'm leaving this page the way it is because it was fun while it lasted. I do plan to make a site dedicated just to Ian, and will be pulling some very old pictures out of the woodwork. I'll be working on the page soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy VOP as they were. Don't forget to sign my guestbook and tell me if you want to see more Ian. It will give me more incentive to get his page up and running ;)

Victims of Progress are a three piece band from the Philadelphia, PA area. They are a very special group of guys and they deserve all the success in the world. They have become great friends of mine and I cherish them all. I'll be right behind them no matter what. Good luck guys!

Victims of Progress 6/10/01

Ian - Vocals and Guitars

Zachary - Vocals and Bass

Layne - Vocals, Percussion, and Programming

Pictures Of Me and The Band 6/10/01

Me and Ian. Ian is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I absolutely adore him ;) He has become a great friend to me! Make sure you say hi to Ian at a show, he's very nice to everyone!

Zachary and Me. Yes, he really is this damn cute and equally as sweet! Make sure you bring Zack plenty of candy and bandages ;)

Me and Layne. Layne scared me the first time I saw him! He's actually very sweet, and a little on the quiet side... unless he's hiding something...

Various Pictures From The 6/10/01 Show

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