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Tidewater Grain... Moving On...

Updated 8/9/02

Yet another great band that broke up after 12 years. I was going to leave this site as it was, but since John Daley and James Billington have moved on to new bands... I will update!

This is John and me at the 2/10/01 in Philadelphia before TWG broke up. I've known John since we were in our teens, when Tidewater Grain was known as Crossbone Pie. Eventually, I will get out the old Crossbone stuff and scan it for this site.

This is a shot of John before the show on 7/06/01.

John playing on 7/06/01. In mid 2001 John formed another band with a friend, they are known as PLANETARY. I recently saw them play at the Trocadero in Philly. A must see!

This is James, the former drummer of Tidewater Grain. I've known him forever too. He's relaxing on my couch here... yes he did fall asleep.

This is me with James at the TWG show on 2/10/01 (no I'm not dead, just VERY pale). James recently formed a band called Silver City. Sorry, there is no website available. They are currently in Nashville, TN recording.

This is Kevin and John on Stage on 2/10/01.

This is John, Dave, and Keven on Stage on 7/06/01.

This is Kevin and me at the 2/10/01 Show.

I love this shot of Kevin, playing on 7/06/01.

This is Dave and me before the 2/10/01 Show.

Dave playing on 7/06/01.

This is me and Dave again on 7/06/01 after the show.

This is DL on stage on 7/06/01.

James and I in TWG's studio, 2001.

I couldn't help myself...I had to play with John's guitar. It hangs down to my knees and is heavy as all hell!

Since John and James have formed new bands, I will start updating this site again, so stop back from time to time. I should have taken pictures when I saw planetary!

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