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Unprogrammed worship is simple in form and content. At an appointed time and place, we gather in silence. From time to time, a member of the group may speak out, or rise and offer verbal ministry. This message may take the form of a prayer, a song, a simple spoken statement, or a reading from scripture or other sacred writing. At an agreed upon time, the worship is ended with the shaking of hands and friendly greetings. *

This is an open participatory meeting.
The apostle Paul spoke of such a meeting when he wrote,
"Whenever you meet let everyone be ready to contribute a psalm, a piece of teaching, a spiritual truth, or a 'tongue' with an interpreter. Everything should be done to make your church strong in the faith." **

Everyone is called to contribute.
Everyone has access to the Christ, the Image of God, that divine inner Light within.

Being ready to contribute a psalm or message does not necessarily mean preparing a message, but rather, more vitally it implies an openness to the leading of the Spirit. We open ourselves to the Living Christ, the Teacher, as vessels for ministry. There is no need to rely on professional clergy. As we are prompted by this Inner Guide, sometimes referred to as the Light, Love, Truth, or Inner Christ, we share a message for the encouragement of all.

*  Quaker Center http://www.quakercenter.org/Pages/AboutUsPages/AboutUs.html
**  1 Corinthians 14:26 Phillips

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