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To the Quaker Community

To the Quaker community, one role the Quaker All In Christ Network may play is to provide a place of middle ground. Many Quakers are uncomfortable with the apparent exclusivity of  much Christianity. Others with the apparent Christlessness of Universalism. 
There is a divide between the weakness and failings of a "Christian" salvation limited in scope and influence on one hand, and the perceived emptiness by some of a universalism that is absolutely pluralistic with no apparent basis in Christ, and God, on the other. However, since Christ is in all, a faith in Christ, and a belief in Universalism, can and do go hand in hand. They are not at odds with each other. Rather, each is necessary, and completed by the other.

Christ is the basis of our Universalism. It is because of Christ that we are Universalist. And it is this all inclusive love for everyone that draws us to the Christ. And not just us, but all things are gathered together in one in Christ. Salvation is universal in scope, accomplished in, by, and through the Christ. Christ is all, and in all, that God may be All in All.

May we all discover both our oneness in Christ and the Universal expression of Christ within all.

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