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We believe that creeds could never fully represent all revelation and could limit or confine our perceptions of truth.

There are many reasons to remain non-creedal.

1. We want to be open to further revelation.
2. We want to avoid unnecessary divisions.
3. We don't want to rule over others, or dictate to them,
or try to control their beliefs.

That is not the way of Christ.

The main reason we want to avoid man made creeds is that
"God and Christ has come to teach his people himself".

1. We want to be open to further revelation.

Personal confessions of faith grow and develop as light is revealed and as time passes.
Jesus once said "You have heard it said by them of old time...but I say unto you...."
What was once revealed during Old Testament times was superceded and replaced by clearer revelation during the time of Christ, and was further elaborated on during the time of the Apostles. This progression of revelation implies that confessions of faith will not remain static as the ages roll. As the knowledge of God grows so will our personal professions of faith. We must allow for this.

Organizational statements tend to be static and unchanging. Creeds and doctrinal statements often appear to be written in stone. However, like the laws that were written in stone, they can pass away, or be replaced, or even be abolished. Sometimes, a denomination will be scattered or die a slow death before they will let their creed be stricken or amended. A fellowship of believers does not need to be constrained by present truth, but can grow and mature even as the body of Christ does. A living vital faith, based on the spirit of life, rather than on a letter that kills, allows personal and even corporate growth and change. A non-creedal position allows this growth.
2. We want to avoid unnecessary divisions.

Creeds tend to be divisive. They demand conformity. They are not a patient guide. It is the Spirit that guides us into all truth.

Creeds tend to exclude some, for whom Christ died. This is divisive, and contrary to the Spirit of unity in Christ Jesus.

3. We don't want to rule over others, dictate to them, or try to control their beliefs.

Dogmatically dictating what is to be believed, or attempting to rule over peoples faith, is contrary to the servant attitude of Christ. Our experience of that of God within has led us to understand that God's inward guiding presence is universal. Through Christ, anyone anywhere can experience God directly. We don't have to tell others what to believe.

Christ also frees us from a clergy mentality where saints become dependent on pastors, priests and clerics for instruction or for direction from God. We all have access by one spirit unto the Father.

We have the mind of Christ. We know all things. We have an anointing of God that abides within and we need not that any man teach us. God is teaching his people. Revelation still unfolds progressively. We don't want to resist the Spirit's teachings to us, or restrict our own learning, by imposing or submitting to the creeds of men. Instead we turn to Christ.

"God and Christ has come to teach his people himself".

For these reasons, we do not make a written statement the test of faith.
Important to us is the experience of the Divine as individuals and as a group.
Anyone who desires to know or connect to God is accepted in our midst.


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