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We want to remain as inclusive as possible.
For ourselves, our faith is built on the trustworthy foundation. When asked, "Who was Jesus?"   
We reply, "The Christ, the Son of the living God, and the Savior of the world."
This foundational truth, may seem at first glance very particular and even exclusive, but we recognize that God has opened us up to further light.
In the age we now live, Christ has come in Spirit, and that foundational truth takes on a deeper all inclusive meaning. At this time, we may see the church as the Christ, the annointed of God, or the body of Christ which includes all things, all humanity as the children or sons of God, and the manifested sons of God as the Saviors of the world. As the Spirit teaches,
our understanding of the influence and power of Christ and the Gospel increases.

All is included. Nothing is left out. We may not yet see all things submitted unto Him, but we see the Light. We see Jesus. May God grant that we walk in wisdom toward those who do not sense their inclusion, being alienated in their minds. May we walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, because we know that they are already included.

There is that of God, or something of the Divine, in everyone. We want to respect and encourage that life. We choose to remain inclusive, being at peace with all people, as much as is possible. Jesus came to lighten every person. Therefore, we are open to, and respond to the Light found within anyone, knowing that all truth is God's truth, and that all things are of God. This does not mean that we accept all religious practices, for we also maintain that not all things are beneficial, even within the Christian traditions. Our focus is on spiritual connection, rather than outward ceremony or ritual.  Our discretion is based on wisdom, and love, not fear. All things do work together for good, but not all things are useful .

The time in which we are living, requires a delicate balance.
Christ is all and in all, and yet we do not yet all see all things submitted unto him.
All are included, and yet may appear like they are still outside.

Initially,  "Thou art the Christ" was an historic confession made only by Peter. 
However, Jesus did not shut out the other disciples because of their lack of insight. He walked along side with them. He had the faith to see that they were included. May we too have the faith of God.

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