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Fanfiction is goood! please e-mail me with suggestions/recomendations. i have no life outside of fanfiction, so help me make it enjoyable!


Little Leap Frogs - one of six Mini-Zoo sets

Since i spend 80% of my time reading fanfics and looking at fan art i thought it would be a good idea to make a database for my favorite fanfics :D (hopefully the aurthors wont hurt me for linking their fics ...) Just so ya know it's basicly 100% slash/shonen-ai/yaoi fanfics so dun hurt me if ur surprised 'cause u were amplly warned

Note: this is a list of ALL the fanfics i have read ('cept the lame/bad ones) or am reading. They are high quality and worthy of reading and reviewing. my point in this list is so others can reconize the talent that is out there. and to help support my ships and spread yaoi-goodness ^.^ Alot arn't complete. i know, it's hard on me too


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