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We were all saddned by the fact that Shiek was Zelda, but that's why we have fanfiction!


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Link/Sheik


  • Aceilux ~ Wyna Hiros - There are those who do not look kindly upon the lusts of a corrupt Queen.... (After- OoT, some AU. Suggested Sheik Zelda, LinkxSheik)(YAOI)[Sheik-centric] SIXTH CHAPTER UP
  • An Issue of Mechanics ~ Wyna Hiros - A certain Sheikah and Hero of Time run into a sudden, unaccounted-for problem. ((one shot))
  • Sadistic Shades ~ Wyna Hiros - Ganondorf, feeling the first signs of uncertainty, hunts Hyrule for Link. What happens when he captures Sheik? [shounen-ai, yaoi, suggested Link + Sheik, Ganondorf x Sheik, violence, non-con. :::YAOI::] ***FINISHED***
  • Sėnaii Liėtte ~ Wyna Hiros - Sometimes the motives of those closest to you are not always entirely honorable. (During OoT,some AU. Hinted shounen-ai, Link-Sheik) [Sheik-centric] ((finished))
  • Thanatos ~ Rydia Highwind - OoT - Sheik's thoughts and feelings throughout the game. Shounen ai.
  • Deus ex Machina ~ Rydia & Court - In the year following Ganondorf's defeat, a tentative peace has settled over Hyrule. Now the Goddesses are demanding one more thing from the Hero of Time, but at what cost? Shounen ai, LS. Slight AU. Chapter 6 up.
  • A Duo's Destiny ~ Tori - Sheik/Link/Sheik an epic adventure.......follows the plot of Ocarina of Time. Plot twists. You'll almost feel like you're there......YAOI
  • Requiem Of Spirit ~ Elfhelm - An immortal, and male Sheik, devoted to the Gerudo King, must stop the fairy boy, but decides to take him for his own. Slash.
  • Somewhere I Belong ~ LadyJade - Ocarina of Time (Post Game Setting but has nothing to do with Majora’s Mask/ LinkxSheik / Yaoi, some sap and fuzz and angst…stir well over a medium heat and leave the plot running screaming from cannon. Mix well. Serve hot. M/M,Yaoi,AU, WAFF ((finsished))
  • ~ DeadeyeDave He does MST 3K (well, he calls'em RST 3K) that are ROFLMAO. He also has a account for fics he writes
  • Illusions of Influence~Thana'al[Zelda: OOT] (LinkDark Link) (SheikLink) 'Link's relationship with his darker side seemed to cause nothing but pain; pain that morphed into darkness and hatred for all else. What would make him see beyond the Shadow? Maybe a Sheikah's feelings' (Yaoi) [Complete]

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