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I'm not sure if there is any real point for having this page..... oh well.


Updates - old ones that have no real purpose anymore



5/23/03 school year is almost over so i hope to work on this place more. bishoujo page is back up. i think i missing a few but i'll have to check. so quotes page is started and should be up "soon" and links page is gonna be revamped.

3/18/03 i *almost* done with the bishoujo page. i also gonna fix the links page. yup yup.

3/12/03 hey! it's been less than a month. kudos to me. n/e way, per Becca's request i'm updating my bishoujo page so it is organized like the bishonen page. i hope comes back soon!

2/25/03 i'm finally cleaning out my Bishonen page. yay. i also going to reorganize it by show. it'll b down for a while
10:52 the bishonen page is back up. didn't take as long as i thought

2/22/03 i know. 'nuff said. n/e way, i almost have frames down. REALLY i do. i just have one thing left to figure out. hen it makeover time. yay. that's all i have. sorri

12/16/02 i know i know. i didn't do what i said i would in the last update. but it's almost christmas break so then i'll have two weeks and nothing to do. i did a few cosmedic things. like the links to other pages at the bottom and on the secret pages. which nobody has found yet :'( um yeah. i'll add the aboutme page soon. when i add a few more things. bai bai!

11/24/02 ^.^;;;; well it's not quite a month *heh heh* ..... *ahem* n/e way. i thinking about cleaning out my bishonen page, getting rid of my lest faves so i can save room. I'm *alomst* done w/my about me page. um, updated the guest book, now w/more fun questions yay.

11/03/02 wow is been almost a month. my bad. i'll see if i can work on this somtime. tho it might not be till the weekend. but i did add a new song to play on this page. is the theme from Crono Trigger. yay.

10/10/02 um lets see added some tests. and some links and i thinks that's all. gonna maybe put up an about me page, oh i also have a link to me button. yay

9/24/02 WOW two days in a row. Go me! n/e way added buttons to the bottom of all the pages. check 'em out. also added to the Bishoujo and Bishonen pages. i working on a banner so that will be up soon. ok that all. i think ttyl!

9/23/02 C i told u. new theme. yay! i also moved the old updates to a new page (scroll down.) i gonna b working on finding how to do frames. promise. ttyl!

9/12/02 Gomen i HAVE updated since the 11 but either i've been a dork and forgotten to update here or is not savin it. hmm ... well i don't 'member ALL the updates but there are new links and some more Bishonen and Bishojou. and i need to put up a new song o choice and i thinkin 'bout changing themes. so more updates ARE coming. just not right away.

7/11/02 Updated the Bishonen page and the Bishoujo page. Kurama ::drool:: *hee hee* he from Yu-Yu Hakusho. Well, TTFN

7/10/02 Added links and new tests, including a Kenshin character test. is almost time for school, but i gonna try to get this place in a new layout w/ frames.

7/04/02 Fixed the link for the Bishonen page, it had dissapered for some reason. changed it and the bishi page.

6/30/02 Dang. is been a while since i updated. added a new link. added two test results ( the first time i waz gold the second time i waz Tan, and i added green cause of being the earth sage and all ~.^)

5/23/02 yay! i can do frames now! but it gonna b a while. in the mean time, go to my new page to get some LOTR:FOTR hummor! (scroll to the bottom of page)

5/30/02 ok, so it's beena while again. i busy. added a links page. yay. ttyl. sleepy

5/6/02 gomen gomen is been a while. um, i working on a links page. i still need to find out how to do those blasted frames!! grr. n/e way i might change the song of choice soon. till then, ta ta!

5/2/02 there are 4 secret pages. i not tellin u the urls. if u find 'em good job. u want a hint? there are 3 more like me. cryptic no?

4/22/02 hey, i back. added link to Lady Will's new page (is not ready yet, so no real point in going there. added two new Bishoujo. ok that's all. i think i'll go work on Lady wills page TTYL

YAY! i found the theme i've been looking 4! it's a little different from the last time i saw it, but i still like it, don't u?

4/13/2 the Bishonen page is up, Fixed Tests link, added a new test results, changed BG music for this page (FFX main theme aka piano theme) i'm leaving on mon for a trip, so no updates for a while. TTFN

4/8/02 HAPPI DAY!! the Pocket Bishonen page is back up!!!! yay!!! but sadly, they don't have hiro or Mr. K :'( o well, i should have the page up soon, TTFN

4/7/02 wow, it's been a while since i updated. n/e way, new page, it has various tests i've done, only one right now. OMG! arn't those ferrets adorkable??

3/21/02 Added link to 1st Poetry page, featuring QueenPunkster YAY! I'm going that page to, so updates on both might be far between. Um... that's it.

3/12/02 ok, so it's not the 12 yet. so sue me. n/e way i added a new page ^.^ Song Of Choice. go check it out (u need quicktime plug in, but i'm sure u do)

3/11/02 ~ YAY! The Bishoujo page is up! YAY! hope to ne adding more soon. also i'm gonna tell wich anime they come from, eventually ~.^ Also i know one friend wants to do a poetry page, i'm waiting on another

3/7/02 ~ i'm working on a link page, and mabey a poem page, w/ poems done by my friend(s)

2/28/02 ~ I'm gonna see if i can't fix the Bishoujo page. i've been having issues w/the images. the source is the site though. If N/E body knows how to do frames or scroll boxes, E-mail me Also i'm gonna start working on a links page.

2/27/02 ~ Changed layout.

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