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Updates - most recent changes to site!


3/22/05Finally got around to updating the Fan Fiction page. new links in the Digimon, Legend of Zelda and Misc catagories. enjoy!

1/26/05i told ya i dun update offen.... i hoping that my sister will let me use her computer 'cuase she's got a webpage build thingy (i think it's the microsoft office one). anywho i need to update fanfics and links. i'm hoping to get that done maybe this weekend. but who knows.... code is such a pain ya know?

9/18/04 awww ... JUST over a month. well i haven't updated the fanfic pages yet. (or the pics pages, but that's 'cause i dun have any ^^;) school is EVIL. it was supposed to be an easy year, but is it? NOOO stupid LHS. so all i have is a a new quote fron my friend Sarah. she's back! and she would have hurt me if i didn't make sure she was up their with all my other friends.

8/17/04i guess technically it's the 18th, but oh well. updated the fanfic page. new fandoms and added to the Kingdom Hearts page. all that's left is the X-men page but i dun feel like working on it right now. i have to get up tomorrow to get my hair dyed. next update plan - work on pics page. bai! bizarro i love you

7/21/04 What's with all these updates, ey? It's a good thing. So I finished all the specific fanfiction pages that are linked on the fanfiction page. Next the links page i've been promising you and more fanfiction. Yes, more! Bwahahahahahaha. ok. i'm going to bed now. bai!

7/18/04 Fixed the link for the 'pix' page. And put the guest book back up, link on front page. Also changed to font to Copperplate, my fave at the moment. Finally i changed either what it said at the bottom the links on the right and/or added pictures!

7/16/04 Fixed the links for the 'contact,' 'news,' and 'webrings' pages. Changed the Fanfiction page, no new links to fics, just how it's organized. ok. will work on here some more later.

6/15/04 Ok, so the site might not be moved and i might just get a whole new page to do the dragon knights info. new theme once again. it'l be alot easier to work with so the upated should be complete and soon. it's summer and i have no life so i should have time to work on it. no promises tho.....

2/28/04 This site is on the move to a part of my sisters site. this url will be revamped to a Dragon Knights info page. yay. so sit tight!

2/03/04 yeah so i didn't quite get back here asap. as you may have noticed i changed the theme. why? i dun know. i have two others but i'm not sure quite how to work them, but i will. still do plan on revamping the site. the anime imfo pages might be another site all together. so yeah. i WILL get the place completly revamped. tootles!

9/04/03 so school has started. blarg. but i'm hoping to give the site the rehall it needs. the theme was the first step. i'm planning on adding anime info pages. maybe get rid of a few of the other pages. I haven't worked on the pages yet. I'm trying to balance school, a Kingdom Hearts ff i writing, this site and free time to be a veggitable ~.^ So any who. i'll get to it asap. bai!

8/11/03 ok it took a while but all the pages are clickable and some are updated, at least in part. well, enjoy i think the new theme is hella cool. schools almost here ((ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! O.O)) so updates will probably be few and far between. tootles

7/25/03 ok so it took me like 10 months but look! FRAMES. ooooo. isn't awsome. i think so. so that's the only thing i've done this summer -_-;;;; i a bad person i know. well, i'll try to do more no promises. it's gonna take time to update all the pages. so for the moment the SITE IS DOWN. i repeat THE SITE IS DOWN. thanx for ur paticence

6/01/03 welp school is almost over. that means is almost time for updates. yay! i'm gonna work on the links page and the quotes page. i *hope* to have those up by then end of the month at the latest. gotta lotta new links to add. i'm in a web ring. :D yay! i feel all special.

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