Tools of The Trade
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These are truely what screams are made of. Twisted metal and the shine of blood, shape the tools of the perverted executioner. Lust is what fuels the the minds that form these devices, justice is the name they brand on it.

All of the tools/devices and methods listed underneath are of no distinct place or time in history, all of them are from various time periods ranging from Ancient Egypt to Modern Times. If anyone has devices or pictures of those devices that I do not have here please email me at my email, it would be a great help!

         Anal/Oral/Vaginal Pear --- (Tool)
         Axe and Sword --- (Tool)
         Bastinado --- (Device/Tool)
         Breast Torture --- (Tool/Method)
         Chair Of Spikes --- (Device)
         Chastity Belt --- (Device)
         Claws, Pincers, and Currycombs --- (Tool)
         Flails and Scourges --- (Tool)
         Head Crushers --- (Device)
         Judas Cradle --- (Device)
         Pillory --- (Device)
         Racking --- (Device/Method)
         Stocks --- (Device)
         The Boots --- (Device)
         The Scold's Bridle or the Brank --- (Device)
         The Cage --- (Device)
         The Coller --- (Restraint/Device)
         The Garotte --- (Device)
         The Heretic's Fork --- (Tool/Device)
         The Maiden Of Nuremberg (Iron Maiden) --- (Device)
         The Saw --- (Tool)
         The Shin-Vice --- (Tool/Device)
         The Shrew's Fiddle --- (Restraint)
         The Spanish Mantle or The Drunkards Cloak --- (Restraint/Device)
         The Wheel --- (Device)
         Thumbscrews --- (Device/Tool)
         Turcas --- (Device)

         Cleansing Of The Soul
         Cooking, Frying, and Boiling
         Crucifixion and Suspention
         Ducking (Dunking)
         Pressing and Stoning
         The Strappado and Squasation
         Water Torture

         The Picana --- (Electric Tool)
         The Shabeh --- (Method)
         Truth Serums and Barbiturates --- (Drugs)