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Never liked it...

Well first off, I want to get some shit strait for all you people who think I'm some fucked up freak (Well, I am a fucked up freak but not in the way most of you would think I am). I'll clear up a few misconceptions...

1) I do not enjoy torturing people, if I ever saw this stuff done or I ever had to exute it on someone, I would most likely shit my pants.

2) I'm not into BDSM, I have my personal sex fetishes but thats not one of them.

3) I do not enjoy torturing animals, I could not even imagine hurting anything ... other than rodents.

4) I'm not a fanatical christian, actually I'm about at the end of the belief spectrum.

5) I'm not a Satan Worshiper, Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Shaman, Voo-Doo Priest, etc etc.


Hmmm... Why did I make this website? How did I get into torture? In all seriousness I woke up one day , hoped into the shower (I always think while i'm in the shower), and it popped into my head. I studied it for a while, and with my html knowledge, formed the webpage your viewing now.


Nothings really copyrighted on this page exept for the original artwork and basic webpage. Other than that, steal away!

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Extremely awsome site with great content , webdesign, and all-around atmosphere. This is the website that inspired me to make this one!

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