The Cat's Paw

About as large as four fingers of a manís hand, these devices, usually attached to a short handle, served to rip the victimís flesh to shreds and to strip it off the bones, in any part: face, abdomen, back, limbs, breasts.

I'm kinda confused as to the name of the tool. I consider of course, that it looks like a paw as it would have claws, but there is anouther torture it could of got its name from. Used in the Roman Colosseum when men, woman, and children were tied to posts, a cat was poked an proded to that it swipes and scraches at any thing it can, including the person tied down. If anyone has any info as to it, e-mail me.

Claws, Pincers, and Currycombs

The concept of claws and pincers are rather simple so i'll skip trying to expalian them, but currycombs need an expalanation.

Currycombs were large or small iron brushes at the end of a pole or stick. The desired result of the Currycomb would be to shred the flesh into a bloody mess, and sometimes if you liked, add hooks so you could rip mustles and tendens.