Eaten by Animals

Being eaten by animals is common in every culture and civilization where, of course, you have meat eating animals. But none of these cvilizations are known like the Romans are for there extravagant methods of putting people to death by the things they would usually hunt. In paticular, the christian martyrs who were commonly "fed to the lions".

But like most things, it wasn't as easy at it sounds. Seeing the conditions of these animals and unbearable cruelty shown to them they were almost always reluctant to attack. So they had to entice the animal a bit, like smearing blood all over the person and tieing them down to a stake so they can't move, or starving them days before a game. Nero, the man who laughed while Rome burned (presumably by his hand) was the man who put the method of killing christians to death by animals, and most time it wasn't even christians.

It's not suprising during the reign of the Romans that a few speacies were put close to extinction, some totally wiped out. The opening of the Colosseum in Rome, which lasted about 100 days, 9000 animals were killed...

Indian Death Elephant

Horses were not the on;y animal to be used as a stretch animal. In India the elephant is the traditional method and more. In 1814, a Bombay newspaper published this account of an execution in Baroda:

"The man was a slave, and two days before had murdered his master, brother to a chieftan, named Ameer Shabin. About 11 a.m. the elephant was brought out, with only the driver on its back, surrounded by natives with bamboo in their hands. The criminal was placed three yards behind on the ground, his legs tied by three ropes, which were fastened to a ring on the right hind leg of the animal. At every step the elephant took, it jerked him fowards, and eight or 10 steps must have dislocated every limb, for they were loose and broken when the elephant had proceeded 500 yards. The man, though covered with mud, showed every sign of life, and seemed to be in the most excruciating torments. After being tortured in this manner for about an hour, he wa taken to the outside of town, when the elephant, which is instructed for such purposes, is backed, and pts his foor on the head of the criminal."

A Bowl & Mice

A horrible torture of the highest callibur, but extremely ingenious to say the least.

A man or woman being excused, trialed, and conficted of there crime are sentenced to die by mice. This does not sound all to horrble, after all you killed a couple running around yesterday, but it is, and your in store for a rude awakening. They drag you kicking and screaming onto a table where, you are stripped naked and strapped to the table, a limb to every four corner. A man walks up to you with a small metal bowl of up to 6-9 mice or rats, and flips it over onto your stomach, where a small fire is lit ontop. This is all terrible silly, until you realise something horrible, their burrowing into your entrails out of fear of the fire.


Power in numbers, no living thing can be credited with that saying more than that of insects. The millions of tiny crawling and flying insects that can detroy entire crops, carry horrible viruses, and cosume human flesh. We highly underestimate their potential for killing and torturing in this day and age.

There are many different ways to die by insects, but ill get ot the most know, the kind used on martyrs. Early christian martyrs seemed to be relentlessy tortured by methods of insects of the creep & crawly. Two insects were in primary use, the bee and mosquito. The bee was used simple by putting the restrained person close to the nest and agrivating it. The thousands of stings will definatly kill the person. As for mosquitos, a mixture of honey and milk was pasted onto the person so they would be bitten and eaten bit by bit, bite by bite. The honey and milk mixture was mostly used on people who were freshly crucified to ensure that there was even more pain in the process of dieing.


There are thousands of other tortures by animals, but frankly, I do not have the time and space to put them all. If there is a higher demand for them all i'll put some more...