Water Torture

Drink and Bust Water Torture

Drink and Bust Method

A woman or mans legs are bound facing the floor and there body is balanced strait on a fulcrum. The torturers will start force feeding water into the person until they will not willingly take anymore, thats when they have to get serious. A funnel is put into the persons mouth and there nose is held, they have no choice in the matter know. The water fills the person stomache to the extreme they are laid on the floor and beaten upon, after that, a person jumps or takes a sledge hammer to the bloated person's stomache rupturing it and eventually killing him.

Chinese Water Torture V.1

The one we all know about, but I really don't know if its completely true. If anyone can confirm it, let me know.

A prisoner was tied to a table or the floor, and his head was strapped in place so that he couldn't move anything. Water was then dripped onto his forehead, one drop at a time. It drove the person insane, and after a period the victim would reveal the secret, confess to the crime, or agree to do anything his or his captors requested to get them to stop the torture.This was particularly favored in circumstances where torture was necessary, but no evidence of physical damage could show.

Chinese Water Torture V.2

Again, i'm not sure if this is true. Plus i'm not even sure this can work...

A rag is stuffed into the mouth of a prisoner and dripping water on it until it swells up and suffocates him.

Modern Water Torture

Used in U.S. prisons in the nineteenth century. Water was poured on top of the prisoner's head and a large bucket of water was also placed under their chin to simulate the feeling of drowning.