Hall of Miscellanea

Welcome to my hall of miscellanea. This page is here to act as a storage spot for public data I don't feel like putting on my permanent accounts.

Yes, I know Angelfire isn't nice to use. It's the first disposable web host I could think of.
If you feel you must email me, my disposable-email-du-jour is cthomas12345 at spam-me-not dot hotmail dot com.

Now, on with the show.

Nifty Animations

Game-Related Stuff

Mathematical Amusemments

What's with these "furry" sickos I keep hearing about?


The Automated FurryMUCK Mapping Project:

My digitigrade stilt project:

Several notes:


Anacreon-related things:

Origami-related things:

Report on the Dust Puppy mousing method:

I had a lot of fun trying to browse the web and so forth using the Dust Puppy technique. Try it out yourself next time you feel like doing something silly. Maybe even fire up Quake and see how you compare to the little guy.

Addendum: I've received email pointing out that a trackball would likely be much nicer for foot-based navigation.

And that's it.