Deuce's Automated Mapping Script
Updated 13 July 2000.

For quite a while, I've been thinking about ways of automatically generating a map of FurryMUCK. This mapper is my first real attempt at implementing this. This page contains the results of my efforts to date.

The mapper itself is a Perl script that logs on to FurryMUCK as a Guest, and then wanders around and records links that it finds.

I chose a Guest because it's the most generic of possible characters, because it doesn't require me to type in a player password every time I run the program, and because a Guest shouldn't be able to get into anything that shouldn't be on a map - by definition, anywhere a Guest can wander is public (or it had darn well better be).

The most recent test run found about 250 rooms, representing about 1 percent of FurryMUCK. Not bad, given that it was testing a very small set of exits and suffers from aliasing problems.

- Deuce

Here is the mapper code. All of the mapping algorithms are there, but I've left out the communications library to prevent spamming of FurryMUCK. Reconstructing it isn't difficult if you have a legitimate need to use the mapper.

Here is the link data found by the mapper.

Lastly, here are the hand-drawn map pages that I produced from this data. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Ground Level

Click here for the individual map pages.
Sub Level 1

Click here for the individual map pages.
Floating Rooms