Tribes Maps I've Made
All maps are Copyright © 2004-2005 by Christopher Thomas.

The following are Tribes 2 maps that I've made:

[CTF] Keep It Covered
The base is heavily fortified, and the flag is hard to get while shields are up, but the generator is in an exposed outdoor bunker. My first map. Mixed results playtesting. Inspired by the "Shazbot" Tribes 1 map, which had a similar exposed-generator situation.

[CnH] Jackstraws
The map has a ring of satellite towers, and one central lynchpin tower. Ring bunker entrances are shielded, with each bunker's switch controlling the shields of the _next_ bunker clockwise. The lynchpin switch controls secondary entrance shields for all ring bunkers, and is in an exposed location. Seems to play decently when tested with bots. Teamwork and control of the lynchpin are key, here. If your team loses control of the lynchpin, it's possible to be trapped in a ring tower until control of the lynchpin or another appropriate ring tower is regained.