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Sometimes all the happiness is worth all the pain..
The plot-  [Candice thinks moving away from her problems will make them go away, but they only get worse and she discovers her new neighbor, Nick, has his own problems to deal with. Can they overcome their very different lifestyles for each other or are they both destined to have a life a misery]

The Charaters- [ Candice, Mandi, Nick, the other bsb, Nick's family, My family, and many, many more..]

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Caution: This story may contain some adult language so if you can't not handle it don't read it, but It doesn't have that much..

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Posted on 2.13.00
Finished on 9.09.01

AN: Ok I love FIC with all my heart and after almost three years I am SOO sad to see it end! But I am moving on and I want to focus on my other stories! Thanks to everyone who has been there since the beginning and to those who will still read this in the future! KTBSPA

Ch.1:The new girl
Ch.2:I think I love you
Ch 3: Oh the memories
Ch.4: It's happening again
Ch.5:Why can't this be love?
Ch.6:Loneliness has always been a friend of mine
Ch.7:I gave you my heart baby right from the start
Ch.8:You're my first thought everyday
Ch.9:Bet you say that I don't even think of you

Ch. 10:Love taste bitter when it's gone
Ch. 11:Who ever thought a guy would want a girl like me
Ch. 12:Things get weird
Ch. 13:How could our love be so blind
Ch. 14:The hardest thing
Ch. 15:I'm sorry. So sorry..
Ch. 16:I don't wanna miss a thang
Ch. 17:It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right
Ch. 18:Isn't it Ironic
Ch. 19:But I'll be there to make you smile

Ch. 20:I'll be the one
Ch. 21:What it all comes down to..
Ch. 22:That what we have is so right
Ch. 23:Almost doesn't count
Ch. 24:Don't want to lose you now
Ch. 25:This old world don't it make you wanna think damn
Ch. 26:Unbreak my heart
Ch. 27:Whatever you do
Ch. 28:No goodbyes, No more lies
Ch.29:More than I could handle

Ch.30:Tell me that I'm dreamin'
Ch.31:I will love again even if it takes a life time to get over you
Ch.32:Best of Intentions
Ch.33:In your eyes
Ch.34:Where do we go from here?
Ch.35:All I have to give..
Ch.36:Surrender my Heart, Body and Soul
Ch.37::You're tellin' me the truth, it's no use, I can't stay away from you
Ch.38:I've been down so long, the end must be drawin' near
Ch.39:I could not ask for more than this time with you..

Ch.40:Caught up in circles..confusion is nothing new
Ch.41:Have you ever loved someone so much, it makes you cry?
Ch.42:Never say Never

Ch.43: Maybe your faith is gone

Ch.44: Where ever there's faith
Ch.45:How did I fall in love with you?
Ch.46: Show me a reason, give me a sign...

Ch.47: As long as you love me
Ch.48:Feels like your hand is on the door
Ch 49:Never meant to feel this way...

Ch. 50: Just how deep my feelings are..
Ch.51:The words you never say
Ch.52:But it only matters that we both believe..
Ch.53: I can't live..with or without you
Ch.54: Is it possible to love someone so much?
Ch.55:Missing You
Chapter 56-Don't be suprised if I love you, for all that you are..
Chapter 57:Once in a lifetime I had the change to find the key to my dreams
THE END-Chapter 58:Don't give up on your faith..

THE SEQUEL IS HERE!! [Just Breathe- Sequel to Faith in Chaos]